Camp Fire: Death toll of 42 expected to rise as fire grows to 125,000 acres

A home burns as the Camp fire tears through Paradise, California on November 8, 2018. - More than 18,000 acres have been scorched in a matter of hours burning with it a hospital, a gas station and dozens of homes. (Photo by Josh Edelson / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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Ernie Foss had been bed bound for more than a decade. His family provided him care at his Paradise home, where he struggled with an unusual condition that caused swelling over his entire body.

So when the relentless Camp Fire tore through his neighborhood on Edgewood Lane on Thursday, he didn’t have a way out.

Still, Foss’ stepson and caregiver, Andrew Burt, made every effort to get Foss up and into a wheelchair as a fast-moving wall of fire wiped out the town.

They almost made it.

Investigators found Foss’ body outside his home and next to his stepson’s burned-out van, Foss’ daughter, Angela Loo said. Burt remains missing.

“This is happening for all these people — It’s just unimaginable,” Loo said in a telephone interview from Oregon. “For our whole family, it’s been devastating. We’re in shock.”

As the number of dead continues to climb in the days after the fearsome blaze, a tragic picture of those who perished has begun to emerge. Like Foss, who was 63, many of the victims and missing people are seniors. Some had fixed incomes and like Foss, lived with mobility challenges or more serious disabilities.

The death toll hit 42 on Monday, with more than 200 people still unaccounted for in the fire that struck Thursday morning. As of Tuesday morning, it had burned 7,746 structures and continued to threaten another 15,500 structures, on its way to chewing through 125,000 acres. The fire was 30 percent contained. …

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  2. Always suspicious of a conspiracy . I , a voting Republican and California resident , do not vote for higher taxes or Demoncraps for office.
    We have tried for years to get the environmentalist liberals to clean up our Forrest lands but appealed to deaf ears . As we all know , liberal Demoncrap environmentalists believe they are THE ONLY ONES WITH THE RIGHT ANSWER and us ” folks” are simply the unwashed masses in their way to totalitarian rule .
    I find it Suspicious at the least that PG&E were warning of a fire right there in that area that this mystery fire started at. The news had been calling for a fire in the area that day as well and then all of the sudden , here is a fire right where they thought it would start , Hmmm , and now we hear that some one got a hold of a radio communication between a PG&E worker and someone else at the same company watching the fire start right in front of them . I guess that we can add Physic to PG&E ‘s abilities . This after the Napa Fires that they were also involved in last year.
    Well gorsh dhuh hu I wunner iffin thur might be sumpin rotten round here .

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