Democratic Assemblywoman’s ex-staffers say she had sex with other lawmakers

The latest sex-harassment scandal in the state Legislature took an interesting turn the other day when four of state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s former staffers alleged that she “spoke graphically” about having sex with other lawmakers in their offices.

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According to the ex-staffers, Garcia said having sex with other elected officials “was a good way of getting information,” their lawyer, Daniel Gilleon, wrote in a letter to the Assembly Rules Committee.

The former staffers declined to name the lawmakers “out of respect for their privacy,” Gilleon said. And the lawyer wouldn’t name the former staffers, saying they might want jobs again in the Legislature and figured going public would hurt their chances.

The former staffers also said Garcia pressured them into drinking in the office and at outside events, belittled her aides and often disparaged other lawmakers. …

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  1. Great! California has its own contemporary Mata Hari….
    Drain the California swamp, people…
    Start looking into the shenanigans of your elected officials who are literally screwing around….

  2. The only reason they do it in their offices is because they keep running them out of the bars when they start that silly stuff.What I want to know is, if they are so busy screwin’ each other, where do they find the time to still be screwin’ us?

  3. Just shows to go ya that there’s more than one way to line up votes for your legislation

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