Democrats choose union over Tesla in California cap-and-trade deal

As reported by the Fresno Bee:

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Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown are siding with organized labor in its battle with automaker Tesla, inserting a provision in last-minute legislation to spend $1.5 billion in cap-and-trade money.

The negotiated package largely spends funds on a variety of anti-pollution programs, such as those to retrofit and replace smog-belching big rigs and buses.

But the legislation, amended late Monday to be ready for votes before lawmakers adjourn for the year on Friday, also would inject the state into an increasingly acrimonious union organizing campaign at automaker Tesla’s Fremont plant. Beginning in July 2018, manufacturers that want to be eligible for state zero-emission vehicle rebates – a major driver of Tesla sales – would need to be certified by the state labor secretary “as fair and responsible in the treatment of their workers.”

Clean vehicle rebates have helped put more than 100,000 vehicles on the road. Tesla buyers are eligible for rebates of up to $2,500, but that perk could be imperiled by the legislation’s worker-treatment language. …

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  1. “certified by the state labor secretary”………You mean a bag-man for the Union. This is pure Cook County politics. Chicago West, no doubt.

  2. You notice, this cabal in Sacramento, is voting and then running from the swamp before they get their tasseled slippers damp.

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