Dems in danger of botching California’s ‘jungle primary’

“Welcome to the jungle. It gets worse here every day.” – Guns N’ Roses

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The California primary next Tuesday could serve as a sentinel indicating whether the House of Representatives is truly in play in the midterms.

But of late, Democrats are struggling in the Golden State. And if they can’t deliver in next week’s contests, their shot at reclaiming the House could suffer a major setback.

It starts in the “jungle.” More specifically, California’s “jungle primary.”

California conducts a “top two” primary system. A “jungle.” That means a pair of candidates – regardless of party – matriculate to the general election in November. It’s not guaranteed that there will be one Democrat and one Republican to emerge Tuesday and face one another in autumn. It could be a Democrat and a Republican. Or it could be two Democrats. Or, it could be two Republicans. …

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