Did Beverly Hills Police Target Black Shoppers on Rodeo Drive? What Records and Emails Show

Last month, two attorneys summoned reporters to the steps of Beverly Hills City Hall to make a disturbing accusation. Police had deliberately targeted Black shoppers along the city’s famous Rodeo Drive.

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The proof, they said, was in the numbers: A special team of officers assigned last fall to patrol the opulent shopping corridor arrested dozens of people for minor infractions such as jaywalking or riding scooters on a sidewalk and all but one of them were Black, they alleged. They labeled it brazen, illegal racial profiling.

A closer examination of the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Rodeo Drive Team offers a more complicated picture of the operation, shedding light on how it started and raising new questions about why the overwhelming majority of the people arrested were Black.

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  1. I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING that came out of the L.A. Times!

  2. This charge has been floating around since the late 1960’s.

    I have been with blacks driving in the area (oh, I am of the Caucasian persuasion) to test this out. Not once were we pulled over or otherwise harassed by police.

    It is the Waters and BLM types that are beating a drum for emotional response to justify criminal behavior and rioting…… They cannot make it stick that Us White Folk are just too dumb to understand the black condition.

    I find it interesting that every “black” friend I have who speaks the language well, is not badge wearing (intentional ethnic cloths), or making racially charge comments on a regular basis does not have a problem.

    The once proud LA Times is now a panderer of junk.


  3. Elon Musk publicly stated today that there may be a chance that Joe Biden was controlled by the unions. I hate it when the smart guys allude to the obvious.

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