Drivers are fed up with the DMV. So are California lawmakers

DMVTyré Nichols had no clue what he was getting himself into. He went online, arrived at the office at 9:45 a.m. and brought all his necessary paperwork.

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He expected to be in and out within a couple hours. And yet, there he sat six hours later, waiting outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in miserable 98-degree heat.

He soaked in the views of cars endlessly searching for imaginary spaces and watched the scores of people illegally cross a busy street. He was joined by the dozens more who couldn’t find a seat in the cramped office filled with a couple hundred people.

Nichols had plenty of company. There was the 92-year-old woman unable to take her renewal test by the 4:30 p.m. closing time after waiting in line since 10 a.m. There was Ben Koehler, who was celebrating his 28th birthday scurrying at the last minute to get his license renewed before it expired the following day. There were countless others with stories to tell, all of whom had one thing in common: They were furious. …

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  1. The DMV debacle is the result of TOO much liberal democrat government! And NO common sense! And then on top of the aforementioned story we hear about the DMV employee who came to work each day for over three years and slept three hours per day at her desk! And everyone was scared to ask her why she was doing it!

  2. Bogiewheel says

    I experienced the same, only I was required to return the next day to
    complete the written test, which now is on a computer and the software
    was so flunky it drove me to despair. Also, the test on the computer was
    not what I studied in their handbook. Luckily, I did get my license. But,
    it was not the license I wanted (the new one for bordering planes) It
    seems even with a birth certificate, Military 214 an Honorable Discharge and a photo I.D retirement from a Federal facility I was not eligible because I did not have a Social Security card in my possession.
    However, my S.S. number was right there on her DMV data screen. If I required this new Federal license I could return the next day, stand in line, another full day, hoping all could be done in one day. Thank You,
    for the the experience. Your “service” reflected the progressive socialist
    forward movement so admired in this State.

  3. If you can’t pass this driver’s test you really,really,really don’t belong on the road and yet, every time I look up, there you are.

  4. DMV is truly a “service” that needs to be out-sourced.

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