El Niño: Federal officials warn Californians to prepare for onslaught

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

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With El Niño bearing down, federal emergency officials on Wednesday issued their strongest warnings yet, urging Californians to prepare for the predicted onslaught of storms by taking immediate steps that could save lives and property.

“It is critical that citizens take the risk seriously,” said Bob Fenton of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who led an emergency response drill with regional agencies in Sacramento on Wednesday.

If this El Niño mimics the winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98, as expected, Bay Area counties face a trifecta of flood risk: seasonally high “king tides,” storm-induced surges near beaches, and rising rivers along flood plains, experts said. Already, sea levels are higher than normal, due to El Niño’s warm ocean temperatures. …

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  1. I’m sure Moonbeam will have all the sluice-gates open so that the expected onslaught of water will rejuvenate the Delta Smelt, and Coho Salmon habitat. If a few towns get flooded (think Marysville, 1955), well that’s the price you pay for saving the environment.

  2. Browns nick-name isn’t moonbeam any more . He is now known as California’s Clown><Jerry Brown Brown is making a bigger fool of himself everyday. Saving fish over taxpayers, will that last? Probably not. I believe the taxpayers of California have had enough!!

    • The taxpayers of had enough, but sadly more people don’t pay taxes. We are now minority, and the majority are idiots .

  3. Dash Riprock says

    See what happens when the democracks start screaming drought, In comes the flood. I hope saccrackpomento gets flooded and Mr. Moony gets swept out to sea.

  4. Irv,
    I’ve picked up on your “name” for moonbeam (Cali’s Clown, Jerry brown)
    Absolutely brilliant. At least he is out of the State damaging Paris instead of us with his silly climate hoax!

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