Feds give California funds for drought aid, restoration

As reported by the Associated Press:

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. >> Federal officials said Wednesday another $150 million would be provided to aid California drought aid programs.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said the funding continues efforts to relieve the nation’s top agriculture producing state during its fourth dry year.

The funding includes:

• $130 million to support conservation and restoration along the Sierra Nevada and its surrounding forests. The snow on the mountains usually provides a third of California’s water, though it’s virtually gone this year. …

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  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Did anybody READ the article before posting? IS A more accurate title UNDER THE GUISE OF DROGHT AID, not FOR it ! Let’s see-
    $6 (of $150M) to actually help communities GET water,
    $14 M (of $150M) for pumps & wells to water RANCHERS CATTLE,
    $130M (of $150M) to CUT DOWN TREES and CLEAR Meadows, so the water WE DON’T HAVE/WON’T GET ANYTIME SOON can more easily run to the river IF/WHEN it GETS HERE! Excuse me, did water STOP running DOWNHILL by itself, or NOT RECHARGE the Groundwater if not making it to the river? Does all that “water saving” TREE CUTTING just happen to benefit any TIMBER co’s ????? Oh, not a chance, right? WHO made the list, Brown ?

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