Feds won’t transfer some immigrant suspects to California custody, citing ‘sanctuary state’ law

As California moves ahead with policies to limit law enforcement cooperation on immigration-related offenses, U.S. authorities are responding in kind.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in recent months have refused to transfer some suspects wanted by California law enforcement agencies for crimes including sexual assault and drug possession.

The new approach breaks long-established law enforcement custody protocols and is escalating tension between the federal government and California over the so-called sanctuary state law.

For years, criminal suspects encountered by U.S. immigration agents, either along the border or at ports of entry such as airports, have routinely been transferred to state agencies. …

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  1. Goose, meet Gander!

  2. Damocles says

    I guess I just don’t understand. When I look up the meaning of TREASON , I see that it is to undermine the government or to try and overthrow the government and yet Jerry the clown Brown along with his pack of socialist communist new world order cohorts break the laws that they swore to uphold when they took office. They have called for the assassination of our president, they have refused to obey and carry out the laws of the land and NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR TREASON IN CALIFORNIA. Not even CHARGED.
    How about we arrest and expel all of these people from the once great state of California and excommunicate them to south America NEVER to return under penalty of death.

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