Gas-tax Opponents File Proposal to Kill High-Speed Rail Project

High speed railProponents of Proposition 6, the measure to repeal California’s gas tax hike, filed a new ballot measure Tuesday that would torpedo Gov. Brown’s high-speed rail project and prevent the state from spending gas tax funds on mass transit.

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“We’re very pleased with the accountability this measure provides,” said Carl DeMaio, a talk radio host and chairman of the Prop. 6 campaign. He has accused the state’s Democratic establishment of wasting taxpayer money and unfairly burdening motorists — particularly working-class people who have long car commutes.

In addition to killing Brown’s $77 billion plan to send bullet trains zipping from Southern California to downtown San Francisco, the initiative that DeMaio and others submitted on Tuesday would mandate that all gas tax revenue go to roads. It would also dedicate the state’s sales tax on cars to all forms of transportation infrastructure including public transit, require annual audits on road projects and shift decision-making power on gas and car tax revenue from the state Capitol to city and county governments.

Supporters say these changes — which would go on the November ballot in 2020 — would boost California’s annual road coffers from $5.2 billion to $7.5 billion, and increase funding from general transit infrastructure from $1.8 billion to $7.4 billion a year. Opponents call the measure a repackaging of Prop 6, which strikes down the new 12-cent gasoline excise tax, vehicle fees and 20 cents-per-gallon tax on diesel fuel signed into law last year as SB1. …

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  1. Cars Are Basic, public advocacy has been in business for 20 years. Our initial review of this project was how stupid can Brown and the Democrats be? The long term outcomes will be more debt, a financial loser for the State, and environmental impacts the majority in Sacramento have swept under the political rug.

    CAB supports this effort and urges a massive petition to flood Sacramento. From day one we have said stop funding anti car projects with gasoline and registration taxes that are supposed to fix, maintain, and expand a needed commercial network the middle class and poor depend on.

    The opponents don’t want accountable government and use your tax money to support their fantasy.

    Cars Are Basci, Inc.(tm) can be contacted at

  2. Great idea, Carl. Should have been done years ago. Too bad you couldn’t have worked in a “investigation into CalTrans” also. And as long as I am dreaming, how about turning Moonbeam”s NoCal retirement ranch into a State Sanctuary for the Homeless?

  3. Jerry Brown and his corrupt democratic party are the worse in California history..The blatant lies, the protecting of Illegal mexican criminals, I could go on and on about the corruption. Lets start over people and elect republican in Nov…Tell these demwits, YOUR FIRED..

  4. The Legacy Train of Jerry Brown needs to be stopped in its tracks………. What a waste of Taxpayers money. Time for Bureau of State Audits to come alive and show the massive cost over runs???????

  5. Could common sense be coming to California?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  6. CAB – yes CARS ARE BASIC. The people of CA. need to ABSOLUTELY FLOOD Sac. with a massive petition to stop destroying all things that are logical and good for the residents here to LIVE IN PEACE AND BRING BACK PROSPERITY.

  7. I think every one should stand back and evaluate the enemy. (1) What does he seek (A) Control.(2) What will he do to obtain control (A) Kill and eat his own children on camera. (3) What will get his attention (A) Dump a boxcar full of bricks on his head. Petitions my ass!

  8. Thrilled to hear this but I also wish we could prevent future raiding of gas tax funds in the next downturn the way they did in 2008.

    Our roads are disgraceful. When I look around at the wealth in the Bay Area and see how poorly roads and highways are maintained its stunning.

    People used to joke our roads were like a developing country. They are now WORSE than many developing countries.

  9. Democracy fails when more than 50% of the voters are dependent on “progressive” tax money. California is following the Argentina game plan with over regulation and fiscally irresponsible spending. Hollywood and Tech will soon join the evaporating middle class when the subsidies dry up.

  10. Guv “Moonbeam” Brown and his fantastic green ideas need to be dumped. I hope this project comes to fruition.

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