Gas Tax Repeal Has 3/4 of Signatures Needed — with 30 Days to Go

An effort to repeal California’s new gas tax repeal has collected three quarters of the required signatures, and has 30 days to gather the last 200,000 to place an initiative on the November ballot.

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The Reject The Gas Tax referendum, sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, has received substantial bipartisan voter support towards gathering the 587,407 California signatures from valid registered voters that are legally required to place an initiative on the ballot.

California’s Democrat-controlled legislature claimed that “The Road Repair and Accountability Act” of 2017 (SB-1), which they passed almost a year ago, would provide $5 billion per year to address significant funding shortfalls to maintain the state’s multimodal transportation network as the “backbone of the economy and critical to quality of life.”

But advocates of the gas tax were silent on how the regressive measure would hammer middle-income and lower-income families. The average California family of four is now paying about $300 more per year in gas taxes and fees and will pay about $400 more in 2019, along with an additional $50 in gas taxes for each year thereafter.

Progressives understand that after California Gov. Grey Davis increased car registration fees in 2003 by a similar $263 per year, voters retaliated by recalling the Democrat governor and sweeping Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger into office. …

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  1. CA NATIVE says

    …and it’s looking doubtful. Caltrans has started working on ‘deferred maintenance’ projects that there was no money for before SB-1. Why do drivers from the political right think that they shouldn’t have to pay for what they use, while complaining about welfare abuse out of the other side of their mouths? Drivers are the biggest welfare recipients in the country. Gas is highly subsidized to keep the pump prices artificially low. Figure it out, conservatives.

    • CaliExpat says

      Artificially LOW???

      What planet are YOU from???

      I think this takes the award for the dumbest post on this site, ever…

    • Lisa M Garcia says

      Where have you been living, under a rock!! We have already been taxed and approved additional taxes to fix our infastructure numerous times in the past 12 years and Brown has squandered it on his train to no where!!! Everyone uses roads, even people who don’t drive, example:. If you buy anything at any store it got there by semi truck’s, if you ride the bus, use UBER, etc. We ALL NEED AND USE OUR ROADWAYS WHETHER YOU DRIVE OR NOT!!!!

  2. Whoa! What happened to Carl DeMaio and Reform California?

  3. I remember recently seeing a press release that said that the 587000+ signatures required had been met but that they needed an additional 60,000 to insure that gerbil Brown could not force a 100% recount of the signatures. The time needed for such a recount would insure that the initiative would not appear on the Nov 2018 ballot.

  4. Bogiewheel says

    “Talk to Daddy”……….”Drivers from the political right” Listen up, the political left runs this State…….That is, into the ground.
    What don’t you ultra liberal anti citizenship sycophants and your
    obscurantist fellow travelers do a bit of homework before knocking what little opposition you have within this State. My suggestion, since you brought forth the question of welfare, is to study the welfare theory from Cloward–Piven strategy, it might be an enlightener.

  5. Just how many groups are collecting signatures for the Repeal the Gas Tax? Carl DeMaio says he has 570,000 signatures to repeal. Why don’t they get together and total them up?

  6. Quetta Woodard says

    Government is making CA so expensive to live here. Gas is higher here than other states.

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