GOP ramps up effort to repeal California gas tax increase

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Republicans’ latest effort to repeal California’s upcoming gas tax increase got a boost Wednesday from members of Congress and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, who said he would spend “significant” money to help put the initiative on next year’s ballot.

“We can’t keep making this state unaffordable for working people and expect people to stay,” Cox said at a news conference at the California Republican Party’s headquarters.

It’s the second Republican initiative aimed at repealing the tax increase, passed by lawmakers this year to generate $52 billion over 10 years for road and bridge repairs. The gas tax will go up by 12 cents per gallon in November, and diesel taxes will spike as well. The other repeal effort is backed by Assemblyman Travis Allen — Cox’s competitor for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Both initiatives aim to repeal the tax increase, but the Cox-backed effort will also include a constitutional amendment that requires any future gas and car tax increases to win voter approval.

Republicans view the tax increase as a highly unpopular move that will draw voters from across California to the polls in the midterm election. Democrats plan to aggressively target seven California Republicans who serve in districts that voted Democratic in the presidential election. …

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  1. California resident and it is time to thrown these scum Democrates out of office, the illegal mexican loving trash are nothing but garbage…Brown and his libtards are running out of money…

  2. Hell, the State of California should have a “reverse sales/fuel tax” on vehicle fuel to encourage people to come and stay in this hell-hole and allow these butt-heads to continue in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.
    Or, we could just have a “Pitchforks & Torches” party for the A**holes In Charge.

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