Gov. Newsom to Reduce National Guard Presence at Border

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is slated to pull several hundred National Guard troops from the state’s border with Mexico on Monday in an apparent rebuff to President Donald Trump’s characterization of the region being under siege by Central American refugees and migrants, according to reports.

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The move comes despite his predecessor’s agreement – along with other past and current border state governors – to send troops to the border at the Trump administration’s request. Former California Gov. Jerry Brown originally approved the mission through the end of March, but qualified that the state’s troops “will not be enforcing federal immigration laws.”

Newsom’s plan will require the National Guard to immediately begin withdrawing troops but still give it until the end of March to do so. According to excerpts from his Tuesday State of the State address, he will call the “border emergency” a “manufactured crisis,” and will say that “California will not be part of this political theater.” …

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  1. Robert Olson says

    Gavin Newsom you are an enemy of the state you should be held for treason you’re disgusting your disgraceful and you need to leave you protect foreigners before Americans you’re a piece of crap

  2. A direct act of Treason and Cowardice in the face of defending our country. Anyone have a recall going on for this jerk socialist America hating turd ?

  3. You go ahead, Nuisance; you’ll need those troops to stave off the mobs with pitchforks and torches.

  4. Brenda Torres says

    Newsom and another Democrat Governor from another border state pulled back the National Guard thinking they are making an argument against the Wall…When, in fact, they are making it easier to argue how much we need that Wall…

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