Governor Gavin Newsom halts California death penalty executions

Death PenaltyChild murderers, rapists and serial killers who tortured their victims with everything from ice picks to a 4-foot twig are set to have their lives spared Wednesday – until at least 2023 – as California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs an executive order to halt death penalties in the state.

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The controversial decision by the Democrat – which has drawn the ire of one of his adversaries, President Trump – was influenced by his belief that California’s death penalty system “has discriminated against defendants who are mentally ill, black and brown, or can’t afford expensive legal representation.”

Newsom, in prepared remarks he is expected to deliver Wednesday, also says the system has wasted “billions of taxpayer dollars”.

The state’s residents though, in 2016, narrowly struck down a ballot measure to repeal the death penalty. And Newsom’s decree appears to be a flip-flop from what he told the editorial board of the Modesto Bee newspaper that year while campaigning for the failed measure – that he would “not get my personal opinions in the way of the public’s right to make a determination of where they want to take us” on the issue. …

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  1. It’s RECALL time!!! Where do I sign or better yet, where can I get signature sheets? Never mind that the citizens voted to continue executions.
    Pretty Boy tells us to go suck sand. He will do whatever he wants.

  2. The Captive says

    “Two-some / Newsome”- Is he a two/timer that lies and goes back on his word? He is. The dam-train to nowhere is still there -so he didn’t get rid of it and terrorists -murderers all things evil are not executed in CA prisons. This is disgusting-!! This guy is going to lie and do just the opposite as well! Why did they elect a guy that cheated on his wife? It is so bad! Recall this piece of trash–nothing good will come out of him!Thumbs down to TWO-SOME /nEWSOME!!

  3. He apparently does not remember what happened that last time something like this happened. Justice Rose Bird did not like the death penalty and she used every excuse she could come up with to overturn it. There was an immediate recall and she was out of a job. Let’s hope the same thing happen to Newsom

  4. Newsom apparently is weasiling out of making tough decisions on his watch. Lacking the manhood to lead? Guess that means California morons elected a “girlie man”! Not looking forward to the next three plus years. California is doomed!

  5. Just another example of the lying scum that floats to the top of CA politics.

  6. showandtell says

    Here is a short interview of the mother of a victim whose murderer was on death row until Newsom arrogantly decided to thwart the will of California voters. Worth the time. (starts at 29:00, goes about 16 mins):
    John and Ken KFI 640 AM

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