Governor Moonbeam: California to launch its ‘own damn satellite’

SACRAMENTO, CA - OCTOBER 27: California Governor Jerry Brown announces his public employee pension reform plan October 27, 2011 at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. Gov. Brown proposed 12 major reforms for state and local pension systems that he claims would end abuses and reduce taypayer costs by billions of dollars. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

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He’s mostly shed the “Governor Moonbeam” nickname, but Gov. Jerry Brown pointed California toward the stars as he closed out a global climate change summit here Friday.

“We’re going to launch our own satellite — our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it,” Brown told an international audience on the final day of the San Francisco gathering.

California will work with San Francisco-based Planet Labs to launch a satellite capable of tracking climate-altering emissions, Brown said. The effort will lean on the expertise of the state’s Air Resources Board, which has taken the forefront in pursuing climate-related innovations.

The governor’s choice of words in making the announcement deliberately echoed his late 2016 challenge to Donald Trump, amid rumors that the incoming administration would undercut NASA’s climate research role.

“If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite,” Brown said at the time, after musing on his celestial history: “I remember back in 1978 I proposed a Landsat satellite for California. They called me ‘Governor Moonbeam’ because of that,” he said. …

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  1. California needs to be taken over by the Feds, arrest and put every tyrannical official on trial and bring the state back to Constitutional compliance.

    • TK Anderson–I used to think the same as you but lately I have come to an uneasy conclusion , the silence of the Feds to the OPEN TREASON being committed by California State Government is deafening .
      The only answer is that they themselves are a part of what is happening and that this corrupt coup is NOT confined to California.
      We are screwed dude and all that is left is to decide if we will die fighting the self described ” elite ” Liberals or to simply say that we couldn’t do anything anyway so why try , like spineless stooges of the beaten populous.

  2. Thank you T.K.
    I could not have said it better myself.
    Shall we pray.

  3. Hay–jerry brown you are the pollution and the smoke and the cause of much of this crap we have to put up with. Now you push a satellite to waste and tax us —-just like the damn choo-choo! Why don’t you just shut up and stop taxing us? Yeah , I get it –IT IS OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY so why would you give a crap ever!??/

  4. Yes! Do it! And put Moonbeam aboard with no retro-rockets.

  5. Still waiting for his train, to carry its first dreamer passenger. Maybe he can launch the satellite with his hot air, since that is renewable

  6. The mere fact that he uses a pejorative to describe his “own damn satellite” is prima facie evidence that the man is GRIPPED with Trump Derangement Syndrome and is mentally unstable, and unfit for office….
    Impeach Jerry Brown!
    Impeach Jerry Brown!
    Impeach Jerry Brown!

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