House Passes GOP California Drought Bill, But Senate Approval Unlikely

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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Legislation addressing California’s drought reached an inconclusive high-water mark Tuesday, passing the House on a largely party line vote before trickling off to a bleak fate in the Senate.

While the Republican-controlled House approved the California water bill by a 230-182 margin, California’s two Democratic senators oppose it with varying degrees of severity.

The Senate resistance and the bill authors’ inability to reconcile competing state interests effectively renders the stand-alone California Emergency Drought Relief Act a Capitol Hill orphan. Last-minute efforts to add similar language onto a separate spending bill continue. …



  1. Both Barbey Boxer and Dianne Finkstein feel the water belongs to endangered (whatever) species.
    Then again, for as long as both of them have been hosing down the taxpayers, they can afford designer bottled water in their mansions.

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