ICE slams California sanctuary policy after suspect in fatal crash leaves jail on bail

Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement pushed back against California sanctuary state policies which came to a head over the weekend when alleged undocumented immigrant Ismael Huazo-Jardinez was arrested after three people were killed in a drunk driving incident in Knights Landing.

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According to ICE spokesman Paul Prince, Huazo-Jardinez was released on bail from Sutter County Jail in Yuba City before ICE learned of the arrest and “before we could lodge a detainer to take him into ICE custody.”

Even if ICE filed a detainer, California law prohibits local law enforcement from honoring them. However, Yuba City’s city council voted against the sanctuary state law.

After Huazo-Jardinez left the jail on bail, deportation officers began surveillance on a previous known address of Huazo-Jardinez and he was taken into custody Tuesday without incident, Prince said. Huazo-Jardinez will remain in ICE custody pending immigration proceedings. …

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  1. Ismael’s not the only one that should be in jail with this one.

  2. Dntgiveup says

    I hope immigration hearings means he will be charged for DUI and vehicular manslaughter, three innocent people were killed by this illegal.
    And I totally agree with Ambrjak, the ones that support and fuel these sanctuary cities should all be in jail. Maybe they need to be put in the same situation that these three were and those left behind will no longer see them and see how they like it.

  3. Damocles says

    yup , Anyone who supports hiding criminal illegal aliens from ICE or any other kind of LAWFUL JUSTICE , should be charged with accessory to the crimes committed by the people who they are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR for releasing into society .
    Any citizen in the United States that knowingly aids in a criminal act are themselves guilty of a crime. RIGHT ?????????????????????
    From the sword of—–

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