In Endorsing Schiff for Senate, Pelosi Rewarded Her Most Valued Trait: Loyalty

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi typically throws out endorsements in high-profile Democrat-on-Democrat races like manhole covers. She sat out Hillary vs. Barack in 2008, didn’t weigh in on Hillary vs. Bernie in 2016 until it didn’t really matter, and held her nod for Joe Biden in 2020 until he was the presumptive nominee.

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But one of the main factors that inspired Pelosi to endorse Rep. Adam Schiff in California’s 2024 Senate race over two female House members came down to a quality she holds sacrosanct: loyalty.

“Loyalty is a real big factor with Nancy Pelosi, and friendship is inviolable,” John Lawrence, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, told me. “It’s almost like family.”

In Schiff, Pelosi has long had a loyal lieutenant, someone she has supported since he was elected in 2000. She counted on him to lead the House Intelligence Committee in the early, tumultuous years of the Trump administration when a Trump loyalist, former Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, was his counterpart on the panel and was “providing political cover” to the administration, as Schiff told The Chronicle at the time.

Pelosi chose Schiff as the lead manager for the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump and as a member of the commission investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

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  1. Birds of a feather.

  2. This dumb ass is the most corrupt ever to come out of that NAZI LA STRONGHOLD…California elections are corrupt…..Illegal mexicans vote all the time with every house getting a ballot but the Nazi’s already know that…..schiff and pelosi equal NAZI LIARS////

  3. Loyalty? I call them co conspirators. Two of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. Denison’s of the Swamp. Schiff has zero accomplishments except his consistent lying about Trump. Years of democrat manufactured hate against a man that really helped America, even with their dirty100% opposition.
    Good riddance.

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