It Will Be A While Until All Votes Are Counted

vote ballotsWhile some elections offices say all their precincts have reported, workers aren’t close to counting all of the ballots.

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That’s because a precinct is counted as reporting after all ballots received are submitted to the county elections office, not after those ballots have been tabulated.

Janna Haynes, spokeswoman for the Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections Department, said the results that were released at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning make up more than one-third of the ballots that the county has received.

“We have 185,000 and some change that have been tabulated, calculated and results released,” Haynes said. “We have already partially processed another 175,000 ballots. And there’s probably another 150,000 sitting here that haven’t even been counted yet.”

And then there are the ballots that were mailed in. The county will conduct a final pickup of those ballots on Friday and should have the voter turnout numbers by Monday. …

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  1. How can we all in this extreme leftist state just sit here and accept the election results in this state. We (GOP) should demand a fastidious recount and at the same time a purge of illegal and dead voter ballots. Who is asleep at the wheel. Let’s get this going.

    With Florida for a real time example, we have the perfect backdrop to insist on a fair and accurate count in California.

  2. In Mendocino County with 49,411 registered voters it has become a standard practice that after the first night’s final report (in this case 15,819 ballots) nothing else will be reported until the final tally of all ballots received some 28 days later when required by state law at which time thousands of votes are added to the first night totals. Obviously this unfair to the candidates for local office and partisans/taxpayers of local ballot measures particularly parcel and sales taxes. This policy has been the subject of numerous complaints to the Grand Jury for years and still no corrective action (such as periodic count updates) has occurred. As more and more precincts are converted to vote-by-mail only the problem is becoming increasingly worse with each successive election. It is very frustrating to say the least.

  3. Lusa Romero says

    Contra Costa county has 177,000 to count stil

  4. And yet gavin Newsom was announced winner with 17% of the vote reported. Nothing suspicious here , move along now.

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