Jerry Brown signs bill preventing disclosure of immigration status in court

Pushing back against mounting criticism of California’s sanctuary policies, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed a bill placing strict limits on the disclosure of a person’s immigration status in open court.

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Approved in the Senate with bipartisan support last week, Senate Bill 785 was introduced in response to news reports of ICE agents tracking down undocumented immigrants in courthouses across the country. It takes aim at a tactic that advocates say is keeping many immigrants from testifying in court, reporting crimes or simply showing up to pay a ticket.

“Our courthouses should be places of justice, not places where immigrants are threatened with deportation,” said Senator Scott Wiener, one of the bill’s authors, in a statement Thursday. “This law makes everyone in our community safer by ensuring that witnesses and victims of crime are not afraid to report crimes, go to court, and hold criminals accountable.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement declined to comment. …

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  1. California should be taken off of any national elections, the state also should not be allowed to have members in the national Congress…

  2. and that damn sessions needs to arrest the bald-headed pecker nose

  3. Kaliforinia is an embarrassment to logical rational thinkers. She is hopelessly lost to the dark side and will remain a single party communist infiltrated ruthless dictatorship!

  4. I agree, G.L. — Ideally, Federal law should mandate that any state that does not verify state voter rolls subject to audit and necessitate I.D. at time of voting should not be included in national elections.

    • Karen Oden says

      That would be many States, not just California. You can register to vote online, no verification of your citizenship required. Then you register permanent absentee online, again – no verification of citizenship required. You go to vote in person – simple driver’s license or utility bill will do. Again no verification of citizenship required. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe that any State requires to see your birth certificate or your passport or your certificate of immigration and naturalization.

  5. Bogiewheel says

    Sounds to me as though Señor Brown is applying what could be referred
    to as…….First Amendment Selectivity.

  6. Robert Benson says

    Many Californians despise these acts of stupidity and lawlessness. Jerry Brown is an embarrassment, he really should be held accountable for his wreckless actions!!

  7. dntgiveup says

    What the heck is wrong with this lunatic, what right does he have to screw over the entire state over his stupid thinking. This guy and his father were disasters and yet the liberal nuts keep putting them in office. This state has the biggest embarrassments in politics, you have Brown, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Deleon, Newsom, Bela Lugosi, Becerra, Kamala, Sherman and let’s not forget Feinstein who is probably the most level headed of the bunch. Until the people wake up and quit listening to their educators this country will continue the sewer spiral. Won’t be long and the people in the bat area with their multi million dollar inflated houses will find themselves with a piece of property that is worthless, any of the smart ones should dump their homes now while they can make a profit off of it because if it continues like this mark my word the real estate market will collapse…

  8. California courthouses are furthest away from anything resembling justice Mr Scott. First of all mister, the fact that a person steps over the border illegally, that person has violated Title 18 US Code Section 1325 arm Scott or are you that stupid not to know? Illegals are protected because the are recruited and used as mercenary voters in this pathetic state . Justice Mr Scott? I suggest that both you and Jerry Brown must face justice. The real deal. Not ” the game” played in California courts out of fiduciary interests. Miserable boneheads both of you

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