John Cox Isn’t Sure Which State he is Running for Governor of!

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  1. Tanstaafl says

    Why do you want the Dems to keep running California.

    Cox has a shot — why attack him??

    RINO ???

    • Tom MacPherson says

      I fully agree with you Tanstaafl, tired of the constant attacks, “GET UR DONE MR. COX”

      • John Cox is not conservative. He applied to be a democrat delegate in Chicago. He gave 5,000 dollars to George Soros Mayday Pac and admits it! He wants to increase government in California by 1200 new politicians by creating new districts. He says he is against the wall to Hispanic radio stations, but says he is for the wall when speaking to English stations. He is a liar! He says Travis is for abortion when Planned Parenthood gives Travis a zero percent rating because he is against abortion. He has run 4 times and lost everyone. He couldn’t win dog catcher and we must take Back California by voting for a true conservative. Go to to see the truth about Travis!

        • tomsquawk says

          yes, the “politician” is moving his lips like all of them do. but.

        • Margie Hoff says

          I don’t know how many he actually wants to add, but the situation in CA is that there is one state senator for every Million people and one state assembly person for every Half Million people- basically making it impossible for anyone to actually get representation. This is one of the basic complaints of the State of Jefferson movement and the Citizens for Fair Representation v CA lawsuit. NO real representation.

      • Brenda Torres says

        He is a Chicago Hand-Me-Down, Vote Travis Allen!!!

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says

      HE’S NOT A REPUB……..
      is he a Nazi, too…..



      • Your words John Cox is a beneficiary of george soro’s money. Talk is cheap but whiskey cost money.Show me the truth in your statement. Your reference in comparing John Cox and using the word NAZI is unexceptable and slanderest. Your choice of words only reinforce identifying your lack of education and your up bring in a New York rat infested dock community.

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says

      HE’S A BUDDY OF SOROS………..

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      Cox gives RINO’s a bad name. He doesn’t have ONE 2a group supporting him, he doesn’t say diddly about the 2A or IMHO much of anything else for that matter. He can’t even get elected dog catcher in Ohio, that’s pathetic.

    • Brenda Torres says

      He is a Chicago Hand-Me-Down, My vote goes to Travis Allen a real Conservative…

  2. Dave Waterbury says

    I think Cox is a shill to split the conservative vote, to make sure no Republican gets on the Calif. ballot.

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says

      YOU’RE RIGHT…….

    • Betty Anthony says

      Just like our last election. Democrats get a Republican with no chance to run against one with a chance and neither gets on the November ballot. My vote is Travis Allen and I wish Cox would stay off messaging me.

  3. Brenda Torres says

    MY VOTE IS GOING TO TRAVIS ALLEN…Not some Chicago hand-me-down!!!

  4. Cox is a RINO who voted for open borders Gary Johnson, has ties to Soros, is against the border wall, against free speech and has been caught in several lies! Cox has NO shot at winning! He is in it to split our vote! Do not let him fool you!

  5. silverbull8 says

    TA all the way!

  6. True Teacher says

    Carl DeMaio seems like a good guy. He’s fighting to repeal the gas tax. He endorses Cox. Newt Gingrich did a radio spot endorsing Cox. The Jarvis Taxpayer Assn (you know, Mr. Coupal who posts here) endorses Cox.

    Just sayin.

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says

      ‘STUPID’ CANNOT BE FIXED……………………………….

      • True Teacher says

        I need more than that to help me decide. I read posts on this site from Gingrich and Coupal, and now you call them stupid. Hopefully, we’ll hear some well reasoned comments that can help me sort it out. And, to be honest, I think we need to choose a candidate who has the best chance of winning. If gruesome Newsom wins, it’s lights out.

      • True Teacher says

        I would be interested in knowing how both candidates would do with Independent voters. This will be important. I don’t like the fact or rumor that Cox may have had some dealings with Soros, but that needs to be looked into. Don’t forget this: Trump was a Democrat and may have done some things in the past that caused people to hold their noses and vote for him. Something tells me that Cox will have more support in a runoff than Mr. Allen, but I’m no expert; just someone trying to figure out what we gotta’ do to keep Newsome out of the Capitol.

        • JLSeagull says

          @TT. Good point on how Indies would vote. From my perspective Cox is an opportunist from IL who has a carpetbag full of $$$$ and never won any of the four elections he has entered whereas Allen is a sitting 3-term CA Assemblyman. Money buys endorsements. Between now and November I will be putting up a Republican booth at two county fairs. I would rather be asking the public to be vote for a three-time winner than a four-time loser.

    • Travis Allen started the repeal the gas tax initiative. Travis sued to get it to say “stop SB 1”. Bacerrra, our crooked attorney general has the initiative saying “stop road repair”. Cox gave de Maio 5,000 to join his force so he could claim his participation. He is nothing but a shill paid for by Soros to split our vote.

    • Howard Jarvis has given Travis a 100 % rating every year he has been in the Assembly. Travis promised to vote no on every tax proposal and he has stuck to his word. Cox paid money to the Jarvis folks. I don’t trust Cox. In Chicago he is called a slum lord. He has section 8 housing the has the roofs leaking and holes in the wall. People, this is a very important election. Please do your research.

  7. Suzanne Short says

    Vote for the Patriot, not this John Cox……All of our States need patriots who are not going to destroy our country but to restore and renew it following President Trump’s platform. We have a chance to be that Great America and together we can do it because President Trump’s beliefs are to help our country and the American People. God bless our America.

  8. Marine101 says

    Have you considered this is just another dirty democrat attempt to spoil the republicans vote?

    • True Teacher says

      Could be. I need proof. Again, Gingrich, Coupal? I think more highly of Jon Coupal and his association is endorsing Cox. I’m looking for a reason to go with Allen, besides he’s conservative. I do fear that Cox would go in the same direction as Arnold did. So, I’m not convinced on Cox, but I don’t know how much chance Allen has to attract enough votes to make, let alone win, a runoff.

      • Allen is now higher in polls than Mr Cox. Travis is 11.8, Cox 11.2 as of Wednesday. Allen has 65,000 people fighting in this state for him. Allen has more delegate votes. Go to and learn about the only true conservative out there.

  9. tomsquawk says

    judging by the comments below the effort to split the vote is working. you can’t really blame Cox for confusion; CA and IL look the same (figuratively not literally).

    • I’ve gone to 20 rally’s for Allen and 6 debates between the two speaking. Cox runs out the door as soon as you ask him questions. Did you know there is actually a group on Facebook called “banned from John cox” vecause they ban you if you ask a question he doesn’t want to answer.

    • True Teacher says

      Shouldn’t one of these guys drop out? I would not write this if we had the old two party ballot for general elections.

      • tomsquawk says

        yes, one should by a date certain. how are the polls going? lower rank should drop out for the sake of the party. if, as they say, Cox = Soros, then i would go with the money. Cox can always be recalled.

  10. You people who even talk about cox need to watch his gestures and his face and learn to read corruption –that guy is a fake–quit voting for corruption like baldy- frijole becerra and leon ding a ling cohorts–Travis Allen is the only one who can take CA back

  11. CaliExpat says

    Cox is a Democrat plant to split the Republican vote and ensure the Socialists keep the state…
    Wise up people and vote for Travis Allen!!!
    Besides, Cox looks like a complete doofus… or Joe Maddon’s dorky looking brother…Either way, we don’t need a Chicago carpet bagger trying to buy his way into a split party…
    Send him packing!!!

  12. It has been clear to me from the start that Allen is the candidate to vote for. I knew Trump was a winner early on.
    Only thing stopping Allen is MONEY. Contribute to Allen to be sure he wins. Money and Politics…you know the game!

  13. Brenda Torres says

    My Vote goes to Travis Allen, John Cox is just a Chicago Left-Over …

  14. True Teacher says

    I trust CPR, which is why I asked for opinions. Thank you to everyone who has offered thoughts on this race. I am instinctively with Allen. The thing that throws me off is Coupal and Gingrich.

  15. Victoria Smith says

    That is because he is from there, until recently, and was also a Democrat until recently. A lot of what he has comes from taxpayer funded programs, like Section 8. Just not comfortable with this man; much prefer Travis Allen. Do not understand HJTA’s endorsement of Cox, nor all the state and national Republicans support of him, when there is, from what I have researched, a much better candidate.

  16. CaliExpat says

    Never trust a man who doesn’t cut his fingernails…

    Gingrich and Coupal are playing politics, playing “not to lose” instead of TO WIN…

    Cox is a Democratic plant, probably paid for by Soros to split the vote and sow seeds of doubt amongst despirited Californian’s, sick of losing every election since Pete Wilson back in 1994…

    And the same “experts” said that Hillary was a lock for President in 2016…

    Vote your conscience and vote for Travis Allen!!! Please… I wanna come home – SOON!!!

    • True Teacher says

      Come home, but we’ll probably pass by each other.

      I don’t think a Republican in the Governor’s office is enough to do it. 8 to 12 million people here illegally with drivers’ licenses must be deported first.

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