Judge’s order could expose 10M California schoolkids’ personal info

As reported by Fox News:

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A federal judge’s order earlier this month that California public schools turn a trove of personal information on millions of children over to two nonprofits has parents worried and privacy rights advocates outraged.

The nonprofits, who advocate for special needs kids, say they need the info to gauge compliance with federal law, but critics don’t believe Social Security numbers, home addresses and other sensitive records should be included. The ruling by Judge Kimberly Mueller of the Eastern District of California, applies to all students enrolled in Golden State public schools at any time since 2008, a number estimated at 10 million.

“People are confused, worried and angry,” said Bill Ainsworth, a spokesman for the California Department of Education.

The order from Mueller, who sits in Sacramento, stems from a 2012 lawsuit filed by …

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  1. Did either of these firms hire Katherine Archuleta?
    I’m sure the data will be protected, after all, they have armed security guarding their facilities, right, just like Hillary has the Secret Service standing guard over her basement server?

  2. If only 10 people are going to have access just put an automatic penalty on the agreement. If any info gets out all 10 will be fined 100million each and spend 25 years in jail with no appeal and no early parole. That ensure they take real good care of the info.

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