Kamala Harris’ First California Campaign Office a ‘Waste of Time’

Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes, flickr

Even though recent polls show Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris trailing badly in her home state – including in San Francisco where she was born, raised and held office – the former California attorney general decided it was a good time to open up a new campaign office in Oakland.

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According to Trump Victory Spokesperson Samantha Zager, “Kamala Harris is wasting her time by opening her first California campaign office today. Voters have watched as she has ignored her home state, and her poll numbers have plummeted as a result. Just like her tenure as California Attorney General, Kamala’s candidacy for president is a true disappointment to voters in the Golden State.”

As little background:

  • Kamala Harris was recently overheard saying that she is “moving to Iowa” to pull her out of her summer polling slump.
  • Harris has plummeted in national polling recently and her numbers are now suffering in California as well.
  • Tulsi Gabbard called out Kamala Harris during the second Democrat debate for her record as California Attorney General.


  1. Boris Badenov says

    She needs to do us all a favor and take sky diving lessons without a parachute.

  2. Kamala Harris anti-FA…anti-First Amendment wanting to silence citizens Twitter accounts of those she disagrees with.

  3. The Captive says

    I thought she was still in office in CA as the AG but I must have missed something. She is not doing her job as AG so I assume she just quit??
    She wants the money that the campaign brings her but she has nothing to show for being in this office? What do you think?

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    I hope she continues to burn through every last dollar of hers and her supporters. Her bad judgement is just Darwin’s Law at work. Hands off. “You, go, Girl ! See that cliff over there ? GO FOR IT !!!”
    PS. FYI when she was elected CA Senator,(is now) Xavier Becerra, an even more worthless Dem puppet was appointed (and them re-elected ) AG Becerra was the Dem Caucus leader who slept through having classified contents of his Congress office computer server vacuumed up and sent to Pakistan by Paki spy Imran Awan and family then hushed up any investigation by Congress and DC Police taking the AG appointment to “get outta town ” What a turd.

  5. I find it hard to believe that anyone from San Franfrisco would find anything wrong with anything she does. It sure ain’t Iowa but she might hitch a ride with Whoopee if she fancies Canada.

  6. This Woman is an embarrassment to herself and to the State of California, her entire platform during the/democratic Debates was nothing but to slam the President and tell everyone how great she is, no problem, except she is not. The State of California is a mess, diseased cities, homeless Americans and all the CA Government does is go after our President, she is disgusting and so are the rest of them, vote them out, all of them and recall Newsome111111111

  7. Dinamit said it all for me, I’m with him and the skydiving idea is not so bad either, I’m tired of watching the idiot laugh at her jokes that aren’t even funny. Trump2020!!!

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