Kamala Harris Holds More Fundraising Events in California

U.S. Senator and former California Attorney General Kamala Harris is predictably going to the well of California Democratic donors to boost her war chest in her bid for president of the United States.

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Trump Victory Spokesperson Samantha Zager reminds us of why Harris is a dangerous choice to lead the country:

“Whether she is flip-flopping on government-run healthcare, supporting rights for illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens, or downplaying her disastrous record as California Attorney General, it is obvious Kamala Harris is only interested in scoring political points for her presidential bid. As Harris sinks lower in the polls, voters are sending a clear message: they do not want a Kamala Harris presidency.”


  • Kamala Harris cosponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All legislation, only to later say she was “uncomfortable” with it.
  • Tulsi Gabbard called out Kamala Harris during the second Democrat debate for her record as California Attorney General.
  • During the first Democrat debates, Kamala Harris raised her hand when asked if she would offer health insurance to immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally.
  • Harris has plummeted in national polling recently.


  1. Where as President Trump hit the ground running when elected. This useless candidate will need years. And while she gets her nails done the economy will tank, the military will grind to a halt, and corruption will continue in the Democrat party. You can be sure Kamala will be fattening her bank account at the expense of taxpayers. So, our debt will rise dramatically too.
    That’s why she’s probably in California, selling futures to solar companies, electric car companies, wind generator companies, and let’s not forget Hollywood will want a seat on the UN and a couple of ambassador positions.
    Yep, she’s whoring for money and soon she’ll be doing the same for votes, only she’ll be using tax revenues to buy the votes.

  2. Diane Feinstein refused to endorse Kamala Harris; and went early in the game for old Uncle Joe. That says all you need to know about Kamala Harris. She is toxic.

  3. Harris’s antics in the land of pretend are amusing. She will never be

  4. The reason all of these twits are running for the dimwit nomination is that no one want’s to hear what the mayor of smoky city has to say,but, if you’re running for the nomination to be the Democrats darling, the press will literally fall all over themselves to hang on every word you have to say, no matter how ridiculous. All a Dim can gain by running for president is a larger platform and the campaign contributions that can be garnered from half the population. They also get to keep these contribution’s for certain uses after they fail to be nominated Chk it out.

  5. The loons that vote for this nimwit should use their millions to get the homeless off the streets. The liberals have destroyed this state. If you’re going to waste your money place your bets on Tulsi Gabbard

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