Kamala Harris says lower-income kids should go to college for free

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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Kamala Harris, in the final weeks of her U.S. Senate campaign against fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez, released a higher education plan Tuesday calling for making public colleges and universities free for students whose families earn less than $140,000 a year.

She also wants to allow borrowers to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.

Harris announced the benchmarks ahead of a roundtable discussion with students at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. She joins other Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, in pledging to eliminate public university tuition. Clinton’s plan would by 2021 offer free public university tuition to families making less than $125,000 a year.

Harris’ plan, which builds on her efforts in taking on for-profit colleges, comes a week after she took criticism from Sanchez for accepting campaign contributions from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2011 and 2013, and then not bringing charges against Trump University, a for-profit program mostly shuttered in 2011. …

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  1. Sure camela and who will be paying for this atrocity? I suggest that liberals like you PAY FOR IT instead of sticking it on the backs of the fewer and fewer middle income families left in your effed up State. But oh no, you and newsom will drive the stake in our heart in 2018 and send Kalifornia into bankruptcy. You are aware that we are a trillion now in debt?

  2. Wonderful idea…..Will Kamala volunteer to work for free to help pay for her idea?

  3. “Kamala Harris says lower-income kids should go to college for free”

    Fantastic. Then let Kamala pay-in-full for them out of her own CalPers retirement. I’m sure she has one (and a sweet one too, I’ll bet).

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