L.A. teachers union schedules strike authorization vote

UTLAThe Los Angeles teachers union announced Friday that it has scheduled a strike-authorization vote for later this month.

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A strike would not be automatic, even if a majority of members vote yes. But such a result would give union leaders the authority to call a strike without returning to members for another vote. Having members authorize a strike is a well-established pressure tactic, and once in a while, a strike does occur.

United Teachers Los Angeles scheduled the vote after the state’s Public Employment Relations Board agreed with the union that talks were deadlocked.

Other district employee unions have reached deals that provide for about a 6% raise over three years. L.A. Unified has yet to offer that much to teachers, but that’s clearly where officials want to end up. …

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  1. Public employee unions are immoral and unethical, therefore making them illegal!
    Decertify the unions and send everyone home.
    There are, most likely, qualified teachers ready to take their place.
    I wouldn’t be opposed to shuttering all the schools and handing out vouchers to the parents so they can get their kids into decent schools.

  2. CaliExpat says

    Go ahead, make my day…

    Good riddance…

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