L.A. wants to charge drivers by the mile

traffic-los-angelesFor years, Southern California lawmakers have tried to steer clear of decisions that make driving more expensive or miserable, afraid of angering one of their largest groups of constituents.

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But now, transportation officials say, congestion has grown so bad in Los Angeles County that politicians have no choice but to contemplate charging motorists more to drive — a strategy that has stirred controversy but helped cities in other parts of the world tame their own traffic.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is pushing to study how what’s commonly referred to as congestion pricing could work in L.A., including converting carpool lanes to toll lanes, taxing drivers based on the number of miles they travel, or charging a fee to enter certain neighborhoods and business districts.

Imposing more tolls would offer a smoother drive for those who choose to pay. Getting more drivers off the road could free up space to speed up bus service, while the billions of dollars in revenue could fund a vast expansion of the transit network, Metro said. …

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  1. Not gonna apply to me. I will declare my vehicles ‘sanctuary transportation”.

  2. Here we go….the perfect overreach setup that will jar the comatose voters’ brains awake and start the #RecallNewsom campaign…

  3. AH. Can’t wait to excape.

  4. Harry Tawkko says

    I’ve been a strong advocate, for a long time, of developing some kind of “user fee” system for our roadways. I’d also like to see vehicle weight tied into it so those driving behemoths would be charged more than those driving sub-compacts. We already charge a “gas guzzler” tax so the incentive to drive smaller cars would increase and the wear and tear on our roadways would decrease.


    • Harry……….Where have you been mentally hiding ? “user fee” . Just to
      have the right to own and operate a vehicle requires a big bite in ones
      budget; Gas tax, insurance, weight fee, yes weight fee. Do you have any
      idea what a license costs for a truck. Do you think all car registrations are
      priced the same. Have you noted that it’s not the politicians that are push-
      ing this new tax/fee, it’s the unelected commissions that are covering for
      the cowardice of our State cabal.
      “gas guzzler” tax……How did that work….It drove drivers to smaller (less
      safer cars) gas sales declined along with the tax per gallon, and what happened then? And for the analogy regarding foreign countries solving problems with $2.00 a liter for gas, please. I believe it’s the State of Alabama that charges $1.83 for a gallon of gas and their roads are drivable.

    • There already is a user fee in place. It is called a gas tax the more you drive the more you pay

  5. This isn’t about reducing traffic congestion for two reasons…..One people have to drive new tax or not and secondly (the primary motivation by the way) BILLIONS in new tax revenue which like the new gas tax will be used to buy votes thru massively expensive social giveaways. As always it will hit the working poor the hardest, the very people the twits in Sacramento say they want to help. By the way, remember the “carbon tax?” Its on the way likely adding another .70 cents a gallon to the price of fuel…Yep, keep voting them in office folks….BAAA..! BAA..!

  6. This time the DEMs will turn Krazifornia inside out and render it unrecognizable, for sure. They have enough time and can get all the tax money they will need….Unless we muster a recall and send a strong message to the Sacramento gang that they will be next. It’s probably our only option.

  7. SHANE CONWAY says

    There are 2 ways to reduce the number of cars on California roads: (1) More drivers should get out of California while they still are able to and (2) Stop the inflow of illegal aliens from coming in.
    Build the wall (and close the gates)!

    • Karla Abreu says

      Build the wall— another option (not throwing out the wall necessity) is for some part to secede from California. It needs to be presented seriously

  8. Hilarious, so they up gas prices then start charging by the mile, but then that hacks into their gas tax because ppl drive less. So in the end they only get a slight raise in tax income, but pisses off the ppl just the same. There’s changes coming to California, and the elected few aren’t going to know what hit them. Buy popcorn folks, it ought to be hilarious !

  9. Karla Abreu says

    To Harry and anyone else: some people live here because they have to or need to and are barely scraping by. Some people like it but are barely making ends meet. It is ridiculous to pay to drive, period. Give incentives just like you praise a child for good rather than beat into submission. Give a tax break for regularly using public transport and such. People need to wake up and #takebackcalifornia

  10. showandtell says

    Bureaucrats create congestion (road diets, no expansion, driver licenses for illegals, even car pool lanes) then tax us for it?
    Doesn’t matter what the topic is — water, energy, housing, etc.
    Whatever happens afterwards (e.g. half the population moves out) the tax stays. It makes no sense and obviously can’t be sustained.
    It’s an old game, it’s been going on forever, and it’s purposeful, even though it doesn’t work.
    They see us as a bunch of suckers who will put up with anything and they can’t believe what we swallow.

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