Mail-in ballots found in dumpster in Lake Elsinore

The Nov 8 election ballots and voter information guides were recovered and delivered the same day

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

An investigation is under way after mail-in ballots and voter information guides for the Nov. 8 election were found inside a dumpster at a Lake Elsinore apartment complex, officials said.

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters received a report about the discovery on Wednesday, Oct. 19, the registrar’s office said in an emailed statement. The U.S. Postal Service confirmed the report.

It’s unclear how many ballots and guides were found in the dumpster or where the apartment complex in question is located. A resident reported on social media that at least 100 pieces of election-related mail were in the trash.

The ballots and guides were recovered and mailed the same day, the registrar’s office and postal service said. Elections officials and postal service inspectors are investigating and the matter has been referred to law enforcement, according to Patrick Munar, a registrar’s spokesperson.

A referral also was made to the postal service inspector general, postal service spokesperson Duke Gonzales said via email.

“We take very seriously any allegation of mishandling mail,” Gonzales said.

On Facebook, Lake Elsinore resident Jennifer Bollman posted two photos of what she said were the ballots and guides found in the dumpster.

A neighbor discovered the material in the dumpster while taking out the trash, Bollman wrote.

“She recovered what she could and placed (them in) front of our mailboxes but there were still over 100 left in the dumpster that she could not reach,” Bollman’s post read.

She also wrote: “This is ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGHT. This is why we should not have Mail-In Ballots unless requested. Our election system is corrupt and this is why. I don’t care what your political affiliation is. THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY.”

Voters concerned that their ballot or voter guide may have been affected by the incident can call postal service consumer affairs at 858-674-2670 or the postal inspection service at 877-876-2455.

In an effort to make voting more accessible, every California registered voter is mailed a ballot ahead of the November election. Oct. 10 was the deadline for registrars to start mailing ballots.

Voters can sign up at to get an email or text when their vote-by-mail ballot is mailed and when their ballot is received and verified by their local registrar.

Voting by mail has come under scrutiny, especially among Republicans, over concerns the ballots could be compromised.

Election audits and investigations by media outlets and other groups found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the U.S. Riverside County officials insist voting by mail is safe and that the system has built-in protections against fraud and voters who try to cast multiple ballots in the same election.

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind now that mail-in ballots are compromised after the movie/documentary “2000 Mules”. Watching the film opened my eyes to ballot stuffing and violators should be imprisoned. I do not watch the corporate news media, because they lie and spin the real facts. I was introduced to “Real America’s Voice and past the evidence of voter fraud, onto my family and friends.

  2. Linda Diehl says

    So everyone gets a ballot, and everyone can track their ballot. What about DILUTION OF MY one-person one vote BALLOT? Seems illogical and not fully thought-out by election officials to compare MY one vote to EVERYONE’s all votes. Or am I missing something?

  3. Is this I told you so moment?

    I have yet to receive my ballot and will walk into the registrar of voters and ask what happened.

    If they track my number and found it has been voted…there will be heck to pay.

  4. Kinda senseless to vote seriously in CA until the public DEMANDS paper ballits at in person voting with ID.

    Combination of Dominion machines and mail in ballots and ballot harvesting made legal here, as well as very very dirty voter rolls — not even cleaned up by court order — how can we Californians expect anything but the same each year — one party Democrat/Marxist rule over us made worse each election.

    Wake up California!! Demand paper ballot one day voting.

    • We also need to have and ID inorder to vote, preferably a voter ID card. If they can print the serial numbers on money then they should be able to give cards out by people’s social security numbers!

  5. The voting Dropbox isn’t an issue. This has been used for decades without issue! It’s a Republican thing to tamper with the boxes and interfere with in person voting. Stop pretending that this has always been a problem. The 2020 election brought out crazy people and their crazy theories.

    • Funny how theories have become reality.

    • The projection is transparent and comical.

    • Thanks for the truth….however, it’s not just a Republican, Democratic Party thing. It’s intellectual manipulation with a political party cloak. What has either leadership done for “we the people”??? Folks are being dupped into these Political ideology battles with no economic or community reward. Just a lot of rhetoric and unfulfilled promises.

    • Daniel Wright says

      Your leftist indoctrination is complete.

  6. Mail in ballots should be illegal, plain and simple. JUST A WAY NAZI DEMOSHITS CHEAT. DEMOCRATS ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH

    • @&!% you and everyone one else who thinks that way! We are just like you trying to make a positive difference in AMERICA 🇺🇸

      • Right. Define “positive difference”.

      • if you can’t be bothered to vote in person then that’s not our fault. With having no voter ID asked for it’s very easy to cheat the system. Our CALVote system is all screwed up to what your registrar has listed and the state won’t fix it…..even after losing in court.


    Demon-KKK-rats are COMMUNISTS………PERIOD……

  8. “2000 Mules” is a film produced for the Republican Trump Party by felon Dinesh D’Souza who is firmly implanted in Trump’s pocket. Ah – the magic of his perverted movie! Your gullibility is staggering.

    • Daniel Wright says

      It was D’Sousa’a publishing company that created the movie. He also narrated it. However it was true the vote that did the work. I don’t understand why Democrats are so against fair elections other than that they know they can’t win without cheating.

  9. Come on people, take a breath.

    We know that Democrat monetary policies are not rational.

    We know that Democrat energy policies forced a 40 year high inflation rate that will impact the economy for decades.

    We know that Democrats and pronouns are more important then the just over 1% inflation rate Trump gave us.

    We know that Democrats have no common sense when it comes to the over 2 Million Illegals.

    We know that Democrats shrug their collective (like that pun?) shoulders when tens of thousands are killed with fentanyl monthly.

    We know that Democrat defense policies are resulting in few enlistees and cratering morale.

    So take a breath, and know that we are the rational adults in the room, and the Democrats are the two year olds having a fit because they cannot have their candy and ice cream.

  10. Treva Bennett says

    The fix has been in for years and has grown to the point the results are known before we vote. The Democrats have mastered the steal. I truly believe that Trump won the presidential election and we have a thief in office. California has refused for decades to clean up their voter rolls. Why? Oh please. Check out 2000 mules. If we don’t do something and stop the steal you can forget about the grand and glorious USA. We are on a path of losing all that has been sacrificed for everyone. Too sad for words.

  11. To give Registrars of Voters some incentive, maybe the solution to cleaning up the voter roles is a federal law that if county voter roles are not cleaned up and certified by December 31, 2023, all zip codes in that county will not be able to vote in federal elections

  12. Richard Nixon should have beaten Kennedy, his father had a ton to do with it. Compromised elections are nothing new. They’ve been going on for years. And to the one poster before who was talking about Dinesh D’Souza and his friendship with Donald Trump, that is the most ridiculous thing on this Posting today. Of course there will be cheating. There always is. How do you explain seven different states where the leader at midnight very conveniently was losing at six in the morning. Voting for six-8 weeks has got to go. Give everybody the voting day off work, and have it become one day event like it was for 150 years. Of course, those in the military can have their absentee voting, but other than that, make it election day, Not election two months.

  13. Daniel Wright says

    I’m sure there are finger prints on the ballots. I didn’t hear of anyone taking them from the envelopes before mailing them out. I wonder why. ……..No,actually,I don’t.

  14. George hatley says

    I have been voting by mail for years.No problems and very convenient.I just got a few days ago the county had received my ballot and have counted it. Under the current political climate I tend to be suspicious of the story which smells of

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