Mass Media Hysteria Over ‘Dangerously Hot’ Summer Heat

Long before ‘climate change hysteria,’ Sacramento had such hot summer days, we kids couldn’t walk barefoot on the sidewalks

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Meteorologists forecasted June would be unseasonably hot. It wasn’t – we had lovely cool weather in June.

Now that Summer has finally arrived in California, many of these shameless green agenda forecasters are warning of a “dangerously hot” summer.

Yesterday this dangerously hot weather hit 94 degrees in Northern California after being told it would be 102. Today is is predicted to be 101 degrees. “Dangerously hot.”

The Sacramento Bee, one of the climate hysterics, reports:

“After two years of severe drought, record winter rains and now sweltering heat, more than four in ten Californians reported being personally affected by an extreme weather event in the last two years, a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California found. The survey released Thursday showed that nearly 80% of adults think climate change is contributing to extreme weather in the state and 82% consider the climate a top or near-top concern.”

The PPIC poll was funded by the Arjay and Frances F. Miller Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Windy Hill Fund. The Arjay and Frances F. Miller Foundation is not rated on Charity Navigator or Guidestar, despite an IRS ruling year of 1957. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, created in 1964, supports environmental causes and population control programs, according to Influence Watch. The Windy Hill Fund is a total mystery.

The hyperbole in the PPIC poll is ripe as they claim “Californians are facing ‘weather whiplash’ and heat waves as the global climate changes.”

Despite historical polling responses finding that climate change is always far down on a list of concerns, the PPIC reports:

When asked how much climate change is affecting their local community, 25 percent say “a great deal” and 46 percent report that is having “some” effect. Overwhelming majorities believe that climate change is a “very” or “somewhat” serious threat to California’s future economy and quality of life; however, partisans differ on these issues.

Perhaps this mass hysteria is bolstered by Governor Gavin Newsom’s “extreme heat warning and ranking system.”

Last September, Gov. Newsom signed a bill into law to create an extreme heat warning and ranking system in California. The Globe reported:

Assembly Bill 2238, jointly authored by Assemblywoman Luz Rivas (D-North Hollywood) and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), will create a ranking and advance warning system in conjunction with the Department of Insurance and the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP), a wing of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) that focuses on climate change impacts. Such a system will be developed by January 2024 and will also require ICARP to develop a public program around the ranking system and work with local and tribal governments in implementing the system locally, develop guidance in preparing and planning for extreme heat, and recommend adaptation measures.

Pay particular attention to this: Newsom’s Department of Insurance and the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP), a wing of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) that focuses on climate change impacts.

And we wonder why our insurance rates are skyrocketing…

California’s Missing-in-Action Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara opined:

“California is once again leading the world in fighting climate change and its deadly effects. Ranking heat waves will be a powerful new tool to protect all Californians alongside Governor Gavin Newsom’s Extreme Heat Action Plan. I applaud the Governor’s and the bill’s joint authors’ continued leadership on these necessary extreme heat investments and policies that will save lives and close the protection gap for our most at-risk communities as we face more heat waves in the years ahead.”

My weather app, which is far more accurate than most television meteorologists – and a lot less hyperbolic – reports that is will be 101 today.

Oh NO!!!

This “dangerously hot” day precipitated the Sacramento Zoo to announce it will close early today at 1:00pm.

Last summer city officials imposed a soft lockdown on city residents: The parks were closed due to the forecasted heat wave. Parks are where people retreat when the weather is hot, to get out of hot homes and apartments.

It was 106 degrees in Sacramento July 2nd. Today it could be 101 degrees. This is what is known as hot summer weather in California. We native Californians also know this is normal.

As a kid, I remember such hot Sacramento summer days, I couldn’t walk barefoot on the sidewalks.

But no one cautioned us to “be safe” or “stay hydrated.” In fact, back when I was a kid, parents told us to put shoes on and to stop being stupid.

In July 1973, Sacramento’s hottest day was 107 degrees.

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. Oh my. It’s hot outside. Oh, that’s right it’s summer.

  2. Larry Bowler says

    I remember when we Sacramentans thought that the 100 degree days came when the State Fair opened. Guess what??? The fair is open.

  3. Robert Dorn says

    The green propagandists can’t help themselves. The valley gets real hot in the summer time, it always has since I’ve lived hear. However the green parasites are trying to prop up their climate change BS with the valley heat. Sorry greedy lowlifes, it’s not working. Anyone with a brain knows your game.

  4. If one reviews the California records, for most inland areas, removing Death Valley from the statistics, from 1921 to 1990 the extremes for the May, June, July, August and September periods ranged from 110°F up to 124°F. The mean maximums ranged from 98°F up to 105°F. Average highs from 79°F up to 95°F.

    We are in the middle of summer. 2023 is no hotter than any other year, it is less hot.

    Interesting to note: July 4, 2023 was widely reported as the hottest day EVER RECORDED for the entire earth. Pure bunk. During the Roman warm period it was hot enough for citrus to be grown at the farthest north climes of Scotland, can’t even come close to doing that now. Barley and oats were grown in northern Greenland by the Vikings. Where there are hundreds of feet of ice, now. Using the US Historical Climatology Network data, one will find that both the number of weather stations reporting temperatures over 100°F and the Maximum Average Temperatures for the month of July, including July 4, 2023, have been slightly declining since record keeping began in 1895.

    Before Bill Clinton became president there were about 9,000 weather stations in the US. They were roughly half and half north and south of the 40th parallel. When he came into office the government decided to remove about 70% of the weather stations above the 40th. IMMEDIATELY the average temperatures in the US went up. This fraud has been perpetrated by Al Gore and the IPCC for years, and is extrapolated around the globe.

    One might be interested to know that the ‘predictions’ which are made are all computer ‘models’ which rely on the data input, which doesn’t correspond to actual data, but selected data, selected by the researchers, and they put in the data that will generate the results they want you to hear.

    The earth has not gotten warmer. It is very slowly cooling, regardless of what you have heard.

    Roughly 10 to 11000 years ago there was immense annual rainfall in Egypt, up to 200 cm. The place was verdant and green. 9000 to 8000 years ago that began to change, by 5000 BC it had become an arid desert. Then it got wet again with strong trade winds, and heavy rains. in 3500 BC, the area had reverted to a desert. 3500 years ago, just before Tutankhamen took the throne, there had been a horrible drought which lasted for over 200 years. There were 50 years without a drop of rain, thousands and thousands died. Then the rains started coming slowly back, enough for people to survive, and the Nile to flow.

    Don’t believe the lies, the climate has changed a thousand times if it has changed once. Man has nothing to do with it.

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