Meg Whitman: Carly Fiorina needs more than CEO experience

As reported by CNN Money:

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Hewlitt-Packard CEO Meg Whitman — who is taking over HP Enterprise in the company’s split — said Carly Fiorina’s experience working in corporate America doesn’t by itself make her the most qualified Republican presidential candidate.

“While I think business strengths are important, I also think having worked in government is an important part of the criteria,” Whitman said in an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “I think it’s very difficult for your first role in politics to be President of the United States and so I think having experience in either the Senate or as the governor of a state is really important.”

Fiorina, a former HP CEO, has cited her business experience as one of her biggest strengths in her run for president. …

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  1. Let’s see, discredited Lawyer, Drug user, communist organizer, do nothing state legislator, do nothing Representative vs. CEO of Multi-National Company and on National Intelligence board. Which would you choose?

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