Mexico deporting nearly 500 migrants after California border blitz

The Mexican government announced Sunday evening that it will deport nearly 500 migrants who rushed the U.S. border between Tijuana and San Diego, Calif.

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In a statement, Mexico’s interior department said these migrants were captured with the help of local authorities of the government from the state of Baja California and will be deported after attempting to cross the border “violently” and “illegally.”

Videos and photos of the migrants, including children, crossing a footbridge over a canal in Tijuana as they headed to the border were posted to social media. The incident prompted both the U.S. and Mexico to shut down the port of entry on their respective sides. …

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  1. When we close that border Mexico will collapse as it depends totally on our aid, money from drugs, avocado, banana, and strawberry sales. The existing government will go down in a hail of bullets and a new era will come to Mexico. My civil engineer maternal grandfather left in a hail of bullets in 1918 during their last revolution so I have long been aware of the internal corruption and politics of Mexico. It is a bomb with a fuse that is in the last inch of burning fuse we can put out if they learn to play straight.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  2. Without the tourist trade, Mexico cannot survive.

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