Multibillion-dollar water measures heading to state ballot

With a five-year drought and then a winter of floods having exposed the limits of California’s vast network of reservoirs, dams and canals, voters are likely to have the chance next year to decide whether to pay for major upgrades to the state’s waterworks.

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Two multibillion-dollar bonds are expected to go before voters that promise to boost water supplies, offer flood protection and restore rivers and streams. One measure, sponsored by the Legislature, also would fund new parks and hiking trails. The second, a privately backed initiative, would go further to improve the infrastructure that moves water to cities and farms.

Regardless of whether state voters approve either measure, a handful of reservoirs will be built or expanded with billions of dollars from a previously approved water bond.

Supporters of the new initiatives say the need to upgrade the state’s water-storage system has been apparent for some time, and that with the near-failure of Oroville Dam last winter and drought-induced water shortages still fresh in voters’ minds, now is the time go to the public to fund long-term improvements. But with two measures likely to add a combined $14 billion-plus to the state’s bond debt, some skeptics say the would-be water overhaul is an overreach. …

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  1. Hey it is only money. Tax debt? Who cares?

    Most certainly not Brown, Harris, Newsom, Garctti, Leon, and the list of Democrats goes on.

    Bonds require not only payment but interest. How much of a mortgage do you want to put on your children?

    How many Trillions of Dollar debt do you want the taxpayers to pay with inflated and debased money?

    Still voting Democrat?

  2. Item one is nothing more than a boondoggle for re-election votes. Item 2 appears to be a re-do of the water tunnels fix-everything-fund. Water
    collection funds are already in the budget; Why pail-on more money
    when the last bond money is still available. As to Oroville Dam………
    The spillway was a typical shoddy construction job to save money; or
    increase profit.

  3. How much of this new bond money will be misdirected to building Jerry’s tunnels around the Delta. How much will be diverted to the “water saving” choo-choo to nowhere?

  4. Who is kidding who they already had been given money to do all this work and have they done spent money to release water for the fish bate. As long as Moonbeam is in office no money will be spent on more water storage. Anyone of his buddies that follow will either. They haven’t used any of the money passed before so why change now.

  5. If it passes, the EnviroNazi’s will tie it up in court, that it’ll be 5-10 years before the first shovel of dirt is moved.

  6. Haven’t I heard this song before?

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