Nancy Pelosi to Introduce Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Photo courtesy shawncalhoun, flickr

Photo courtesy shawncalhoun, flickr

House Democrats plan to introduce a bill criminalizing private gun sales on Tuesday of next week.

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The legislation will be introduced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), and gun control proponent Gabby Giffords.

Tuesday will be the eighth anniversary of the day on which Giffords was shot by Jared Loughner.

The bill seeks to put background checks in place for all gun sales, requiring a daughter to get a background check before her mother can give her a gun or a son to get a background check before a father can give him one. It would also require a lifelong friend to get a background check before he can a gun from his lifelong friend. …

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  1. Why are’t these Traitors being put in prison instead of being appointed to powerful positions in government to continue their assault on our American way of life . Lies and half truths used to disarm the public that would then be left defenseless against criminals AND a corrupt Government is a crime in itself .

  2. Pelosi is casting about for the airhead vote.

  3. If you want a universal background check then do it right. All you need is a data base of people that cannot legally own a gun. Make it accessible to anyone. Make it so all you have to do is go to the website and put in the buyers name and social security number and the website will say yes or no. the site does not need to know who is selling or what they are selling and it does not need to retain the info of who was asked about. There you have it instant background check with know registration and the govt does not need to know who sold what to who.

  4. I hope the House passes HR 8 and all their other hairbrained communist (not socialist) inspired legislation, healthcare-for-all, guaranteed income, nationwide minimum wage, etc. None of their bills would ever see the light of day in the US Senate and if they did and managed to pass, President Trump would never sign them. But it would show the American voters how radical the Democraps have become and what to expect life would be like if they voted for any Dems in 2020.

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