Nancy Pelosi tries to diminish growing enthusiasm for Trump tax cuts

Nancy-Pelois-denied-CommunionThe tax cuts pushed by President Trump and the GOP Congress are “a black cloud hanging over the national budget,” Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a news conference Wednesday in San Francisco.

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Pelosi was in town to tour the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood, a complex opened in 2016 that includes 120 apartments for low-income seniors and a spacious community center for activities.

But she used the visit to attack the Trump tax plan and the president’s proposed budget, arguing that they both threaten the type of federal help that made the new senior center possible.

The center “is an example of how people with values working together with a plan can make a difference,” the San Francisco congresswoman said. But the tax cuts, and the budget that stems from them, “strike to the heart of our community.”

There was no mistaking the thrust of Pelosi’s message. From the sign on her lectern — “Say No to #GOPTAXSCAM” — to the parade of speakers who followed her at the hour-long event, it was a focused slam at Trump, the Republican leadership in Congress and the budget priorities they share. …

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  1. dinasourpuss

  2. Once again Pelosi shows how removed from reality she is. Anyone who claims that the amount of taxes that we are forced to pay are justified is a bald faced lire , enough said ?
    Seems she thinks heading down the same road to ruin that has caused a trillion dollar deficit is a great thing to do,
    Even her ow party have asked her to step down but she has been bought and paid for by globalist interests , NOT American interest.
    GET OUT NANCY PELOCI , you and those traitors like you are what is wrong with our government

  3. San Fran Nan is CONSUMED with Trump Derangement Syndrome…
    Fortunately, it u unmasks her hurtful motivations and loyalty to her deep pocketed, globalist donors…

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