Needles declared itself a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” city

One of San Bernardino County’s easternmost cities wants to be a sanctuary, not for undocumented immigrants, for gun owners.

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Needles this month declared itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary City” a message that city leaders say is partly about support for gun rights and partly a desire to get an exemption from state law so out-of-state gun owners can travel through town and for residents to purchase ammunition.

The former railroad town of about about 5,000 is near the Colorado River, close to the Arizona state line, and city officials say that California’s gun laws are prompting Arizona residents to stay out of Needles, hurting business in the town. …

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  1. Somehow I don’t think that the Dictatorship of Newsom the wife stealer will allow his will to not be obeyed. These new assaults on the rights of California Citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones will not allow ANY city to not obey the will of the supreme overlord Gruesome Newsom the back stabbing wife stealer.
    Do any of you remember voting for something that is further taking away your constitutional rights and giving government more power to oppress the population ? Don’t you think we should have ?
    This is the same plan that the Demoncraps put forward through Hellory Cunton in saying that they were going after ammunition by making it and a firearm so expensive that the common citizen could not afford to own them. She went on to say that the rich and elite did not commit crimes with firearms so it was only the deplorable common citizen who should not own one. I wonder why 64 people who were going to testify against her suddenly disappeared or committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head twice . Hmm , don’t commit violent crime themselves must have been what she meant .
    I guess when your rich you simply pay someone else to do your killing for you , right ?
    From the sword of—

  2. John Benson says

    Hurray for you guys! Maybe you’ll get something started.

  3. If the state can decide to ignore federal laws on immigration by having Sanctuary cities then the cities should be able to the same to state.

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