Nuclear power receives its death sentence in California

In a unanimous vote, state regulators agreed Thursday to a plan that will see the closing of the last nuclear energy power plant in California.

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  • The Diablo Canyon nuclear facility will begin shutdown operations starting in 2024.
  • The power plant’s operator, Pacific Gas & Electric, says the facility will soon become an economic liability for the company because of dramatic changes in the state’s energy landscape.
  • Critics of the shutdown say it will lead to the use of more natural gas in the state’s power grid.
  • Environmental groups hailed the vote but want assurances that greenhouse gas emissions will not rise as a result.

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  1. Here we have our environmentalists at their brilliant best. They want the nuclear power plant shut down while at the same time they don’t want any more gas emissions. Of course the only way to replace the power lost with the plant closure is for power plants fueled by coal, oil, or natural gas all of which will cause more pollution. There is of course hydroelectric power which is totally clean but the environmentalists will not let us build any dams.

  2. The CAPTIVE says

    There is clean coal fuel, and better ways to produce nuclear power –and DAMS help us save water. The LEFT is to blame for the downfall of this state and it is also to blame for TERRORISTS, FOREST FIRES, the exit of CA residents to better states. All that is bad–letting criminals remain in the SANCTUARY CITIES to do much more harm to legal residents is a big one and Nancy Pelosi can be easily blamed for this criminal offence.

  3. We have to give the environmentalist there do. They were smart enough to recognize that Earthquakes occur in California. Since Diablo Canyon nuclear facility was clean with no harmful emissions the only alternative was to claim ” Post Earthquake Syndrome” Must be the same people who loved Jane Fonda’s movies.

  4. Speaking of economic liabilities, when will the utilities be announcing the rate cuts due to their receiving such a large tax cut?

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      @ambrjak, you’re funny, even if the utilities in Kommieforniastan were to even for one millisecond consider a rate cut, our beloved Marxist thieves in Sack-0-Tomatoes would just raise the ‘fees’. Can’t have the little people getting all uppity by having some of their money back now can we. My question is, why, because we’re saving SO MUCH on ‘green’ energy are we still paying more than anyone else on CONUS??

  5. If you thought nuclear energy was expensive, just wait until you find out how expensive it will be without it.

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