OC Educator Pensions Average $50,000 in 2010-11

From the OC Register:

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Retired Orange County public school educators received an average $50,079 annual pension last year, even as nearly one in eight supplemented their pay by taking temporary jobs in California schools, according to a Register analysis of state retirement data.

The most recent figures from the California State Teachers Retirement System continue to fuel debate among experts and the public over whether the nation’s largest teacher pension fund is sustainable in the long term, and to what extent it should be overhauled.

“It’s a big debate,” said Ed Mendel, founder of Calpensions.com, a blog that tracks pension reform in California.

“If you’re a defender of public pensions, you tend to think we must tighten our belt, but we can handle it through bargaining. You have other people saying we need to make major changes and move toward 401(k) plans like in the private sector.”

Retired public school teachers make up most of the people in the system, although school district and community college administrators also are included. O.C. pensions in 2010-11 ranged from $277,376 for a retired community college chancellor, to workers who earned less than $1,000.

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