On Omicron, Pols Must Resist Overreacting

There’s a new COVID variant and the world is freaking out.

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Omicron was first found in South Africa, prompting President Biden to restrict travel from eight African countries. Japan, Israel and Morocco closed their borders. The UK is considering tighter mask and travel rules. New York declared a state of emergency.

Though Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, said omicron would “inevitably” appear in the United States, no cases have been detected yet.

Fauci also said it could take a few weeks for the global science community to learn just how serious omicron is, and urged caution. “We should not be freaking out,” Fauci said.

We agree.

It’s true that cases have been reported in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia, the UK, Austria and Italy, but scientists are not yet sure how contagious, how virulent and how vaccine-resistant omicron is. While variants of the coronavirus are cause for concern, the limited number of cases globally give little upon which to draw conclusions and even less reason for heavy-handed government responses.

On Twitter, Gov. Gavin Newsom said that California officials are “monitoring” what’s happening, and announced no new restrictions. Los Angeles County has consistently been more aggressive than Newsom in terms of COVID response, but has so far followed Newsom’s lead on omicron.

This measured, wait-and-see approach is wise.

We are much better off as a society now than during the early days of COVID-19. We enjoy high vaccination rates, broad access to boosters for high-risk populations, widespread natural immunity and the ongoing development and availability of new, effective treatments.

Individuals are also now well-experienced with adapting according to their level of risk without the government needing to tell them what to do.

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  1. Robert Wilson says

    This is a big nothing burger!

  2. From South Africa, they tell us that this is a very mild version. HOWEVER, the libs will jump on the “doomsday” wagon and push and push. The goal, obviously is to get all States on
    mail in” ballots. That is the only way they can win is by cheating!!

  3. Robin Itzler says

    Democrats want COVID FOREVER – at least to get through the 2022 midterm. If the American People are going to be sheep, then they will only have themselves to blame when it is too late to push back at Marxism.

    One other related issue is that there are too many spineless Republicans in Congress. If 2022 is really going to be a Red Wave, that means NOT voting for any RINO. If Republicans continue to vote for the candidate with an “R” after their name (when the “R” stands for RINO and not Republican), then they shouldn’t get upset when these RINOs vote with Democrats.

  4. When Omicron was announced, the stock market crashed. But a day later, 100,000 fans packed into UofM stadium to watch college football.
    People NOT worried about Omicron.
    People ARE worried about gov’t reaction to Omicron.


  6. I think that instead of tighter mask laws the left should perhaps opt for looser jock straps. For themselves.

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