Oroville to file suit against state for dam failure

The city of Oroville announced plans Tuesday to sue the state’s Department of Water Resources, alleging decades of mismanagement were to blame for the Oroville Dam’s failure in February 2017 and the emergency evacuation of 188,000 people.

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The suit, which city officials intend to file in Butte County Superior Court, calls on the DWR to cover millions of dollars in economic and infrastructure losses incurred by the dam’s failure.

Raging storms in early 2017 caused a crisis at the nation’s tallest dam, which controls water delivered to 25 million people across California. The heavy rains led DWR dam operators to release flows down the Feather River, but concerns arose when a crater appeared on the main spillway. …

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  1. theres a reason the people running this state wear slipon’s.

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