Paul Pelosi Kicked Out of California Police Charity After Flashing Membership During DUI Arrest

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was kicked out of a California law enforcement association on Thursday after he flashed his lifetime membership card to officers during his DUI arrest earlier this year.

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The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation’s (CHP 11-99) decision to rescind Paul Pelosi’s membership comes just two days after he pleaded guilty to a DUI charge over the May 28 crash in Napa.

“After evaluating the events that led to Mr. Pelosi’s arrest and conviction, we are revoking Mr. Pelosi’s lifetime membership with the CHP 11-99 Foundation effective immediately,” the group said in a statement.

When the 82-year-old was questioned by highway patrol officers and asked for identification, a slurring Pelosi had offered up his driver license and the 11-99 membership card, according to a criminal complaint.

“The mere presentation of his 11-99 Foundation identification credentials to law enforcement made it appear that he was presenting them for preferential treatment,” the group said, adding it was in violation of their terms and conditions.

CHP 11-99, which supported state highway patrol officers and their families, informed Pelosi of the decision via a letter on Wednesday.

The group said they’ll refund whatever Pelosi had donated once he returned all membership items he received when joining.

Pelosi dodged jail time during his sentencing in Napa County Superior Court on Tuesday after being ordered to serve three years’ probation as part of his plea deal.

The terms of his probation included five days in jail, but Pelosi will be given credit for those days, the judge said.

Roadside dashcam footage released by authorities in the wake of his guilty plea shows Pelosi slurring his words after the late night crash.  

In the video, Pelosi can be heard mumbling to an officer that he had a “glass of champagne before dinner” and also “a glass of white.” 

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    This is news…..?????

    The only reason for this is the rest of the kklan doesn’t want the stain of corruption to be too noticed……

    there are others……bet onm it….

  2. How and why was he given credit for 5 days in jail? Preferential treatment? Of course and expected by the corrupt. Kudos to the CHP 11-99 organization for during their part though. They might watch their back though..


    finally….they’re getting these ‘high profile’ DRUNKARDS off the streets……

    hey….SAN FRAN NAN… this the continuing of your ‘dynasty’ ? collapse……

    and YES…..we know WHO you are……COMMUNISTS ALL….

  4. They BOTH have made millions with insider trading.

    They BOTH are DEMOCRATS.

    They BOTH had the attitude of LET THEM EAT CAKE during COVID lock downs.

    They BOTH have encouraged the OPEN BORDERS with MILLIONS flooding into the nation.

    Now explain to me since the Gov. of Kalif. is of the same party and has been using the same attitudes WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE DEMOCRAT?

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