Pelosi Says Members Urging Her to Consider House Leadership Again

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday her congressional colleagues are encouraging her to run for another term as Democratic leader.

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Why it matters: The comment is the starkest indication yet that Pelosi is mulling another run for the position she’s held variably as speaker and minority leader for nearly two decades.

What she’s saying: In a CNN “State of the Union” interview, Pelosi said “of course” she will make a decision about re-election to the position before the Democrats’ leadership elections on Nov. 30.

  • “People are campaigning, and that’s a beautiful thing, and I’m not asking anyone for anything,” Pelosi said, “My members are asking me to consider doing that.”
  • “Let’s just get through the [2022 midterm] election,” she added.

Between the lines: Whether Democrats keep the majority in the House is expected to have a significant impact on Pelosi’s decision-making.

  • She is much more likely to stay if she can be the speaker than the House minority leader.
  • “The Speaker will make an announcement when she makes an announcement,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill said in a statement. “Until then, let’s all enjoy watching Kevin McCarthy lose a speakership his party hasn’t even won in the first place.”
  • Asked on Sunday whether McCarthy has what it takes to be speaker, Pelosi said, “No, I don’t think he has it.”

State of play: Roughly 20 House races remain uncalled by the Associated Press as of Sunday. Neither party has reached the 218 seats needed to take the majority.

  • Democrats would have to win three-quarters of those seats to keep the House — a long shot, but not out of the question.
  • “They’ve been measuring for draperies. They’ve been putting forth an agenda. They haven’t won it yet,” Pelosi said Sunday.

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  1. Too many uneducated voters in America. Pelosi is just another far leftist scumbag, like the very evil Newsome in California. McCarthy is another RINO scumbag who will do NOTHING to start putting these evil Democrats in prison, bureaucrats and politicians.

  2. #1. I doubt that they want her as speaker again.
    #2. I’m urging her to consider “house arrest” for the good of us all.

    DNC = Communist Party USA

  3. Totallyfedup says

    We are totally fed up with NASTY NEGATIVE HATEFUL NANCY.
    Nancy has to go.
    She can’t speak a complete sentence without blanking out.
    She says things and then later lies by saying she didn’t say it, and attacks people who remind her dumb ass what she said.
    She will support ANYTHING that democrats want and that hurt Americans.
    Go home nasty nan and take care of your drugged up drunk driver who got attacked by his boyfriend.

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