Poll: Half of CA Republican Voters Unlikely to Vote in Dem-on-Dem Senate Race

Dianne FeinsteinWith no Republican candidates to choose from, 47 percent of Republican likely voters and 24 percent of independents “say they would not vote in [the Senate] race.”
New poll from Public Policy Institute of California has Gavin Newsom with 24 point lead for governor:


  1. Can anyone doubt it why? The CA democrat party is more corrupt than a Chicago mobster gang! And when gravel newsom gets in the poop will hit the fan BIG time, he and his elite leftists in the legislature will sell us out and systematically destroy the state like oblama did the entire US for eight damn years. The ultra left twill have their fingerprints on EVERY item in the state! We may see exactly why the 2nd amendment is in place!

  2. Ok people. I realize the way CA does this sucks! But would you rather have a more moderate liberal in Feinstein or would you rather have a radical socialist, and Pelosi’s nephew, Newsom? I don’t like either one but by far the lesser of two evils is Feinstein by a million miles. Republicans please vote for Feinstein as people like Newsom and Harris will destroy California much faster than someone like Feinstein. This will be the second time in my life I’ve had to vote for a Democrap and it sucks.

  3. TheRandyGuy says

    I’m not bothering, since there is no actual choice.

  4. Boris Badenov says

    Ok, so 50% would rather NOT go to vote for COX for Governor because they’re too ignorant to vote for Feinstein? Is that what I’m reading. You 50% ARE THE PROBLEM thank you for voting Democrat.

  5. Jennifer Chavez Ochoa says

    It’s a choice between COX and Newsom
    Get your ass’s up and send in your ballot
    Or go to your local polling place November 6th 2018. We Can Not Allow Newsom to finish off this state. I don’t want single pay or health care.

  6. Whoever and however this “top two vote candidates policy” would run in the primary is the most grossly unfair and unscrupulous policy that has ever been fostered on the American people. This basically eliminates all vestiges of a Democratic government. I understand why it was put into place as it virtually guarantees the Liberals control of the government from now on. It would be nice if all Republican conservatives would love out-of-state and leave the Dems to themselves, and see how they like living in the mess they have and will make. And no life line should be extended to them when the SHIF.

  7. Mr. Pickle says

    Yes, the SAME party Candidates is just plain wrong, and needs to go away! But, at the same time I will vote by entering a write in candidate to “send a message.” I will write in James Bradley(R) as a write in candidate.

    Can you imagine if ALL the Republicans (the ones who say they will not vote for either in the story) did the same thing I am doing, as I think he could beat De Leon in vote count. Now that would send a message! Voting for the “lesser of 2 evils” is not a choice to me, so I am going this route. Would be awesome if Bradley got more votes that either geriatric Fienstein or Liberal De Leon as Dem Party is split………. Now that would be interesting if in fact Bradley did garner the votes needed to win.
    If you are a Conservative, then you DO have this choice. Use it.

    As for COX/Newsom in Gov race, if Socialist Newsom gets in, he will make Moonbeam look like a Choir Boy! In this election, I do believe many Dems and Independents don’t like Newsom. He did NOTHING as LT. Gov………….. Newsom would and will be a disaster for Ca…………

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