Proposed bill would guarantee a bed for every homeless person in state

Tent of homeless person on 6th Street Bridge with Los Angeles skyline in the background. California, USA. (Photo By: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

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Every homeless person in California would have a right to a bed year-round under a statewide “right to shelter” policy proposed by Sen. Scott Wiener.

The San Francisco Democrat plans to announce SB48 on Wednesday, although key details of the bill — including how much the added shelters will cost, how they will be paid for and who will be responsible for ensuring enough beds are made available — will not be worked out until at least next year.

Wiener’s bill calls for the Legislature and stakeholders to work together to create the policy. Wiener said Tuesday that he hopes to have a finished bill in 2019, but that it’s possible he’ll need to work on it the following year as well.

“We don’t have enough shelter capacity in California,” Wiener said. “There are counties and cities that have no shelter capacity, or they only open in the winter.”

Wiener said his goal is a statewide guarantee that homeless people who want to sleep in a shelter will have beds. But he said he also wants flexibility so communities can shape the policy to fit their needs. …

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  1. Absolutely a perfect place for all of the homeless is on Moonbeams 2400+ acre Nor Cal Ranch. Now that Wiener is aboard, how can Jerry refuse/ After all, Jerry caused a whole lot of homelessness by his early release of criminals, so he would have more funds for his choo-choo to nowhere. Actually now, the train can run from Madera all the way to Moonbeam’s ranch in NorCal!

  2. vistacharlie says

    Gosh, Gee! i wonder it it could have anything to do with our Governor Moonbeam inviting all kinds of illegal aliens to take up residence in our state. I suppose we should be glad he never thought to invite space aliens residence here. We cannot absorb all of central america here simply to become democratic voters.

  3. Asinine…the work of total asses.
    These people will not be helped by year round beds. Each one needs a specific hand up, not hand out…a job, reuniting with family, school, mental health support, medical and drug support. At this rate, we will absolutely have a state filled with homeless losers coming from all points in the country and everywhere else just to hang out and spend our tax dollars.
    Stupid is as stupid does. And they say you can’t fix stupid!

    Travis Allen may be on to something…He wants to start an effort to RECALL NEWSOME. Excise the cancer before it spreads. What do you think about that?

  4. Socialist hype. Free stuff promises. We will take care of yopu no matter whether you contribute to society or would rather drop out. It all works fine until the ruling class runs out of tax payers and has to start hoarding and rationing. Power corrupts, consequently socialist governments always care for themselves first, and last.

  5. How about making all the homeless folks garbage collectors? Give out bags every day and pay a per pound rate that will support meals and lodging. Ooops, Sanitary engineer unions would never let it happen.

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