Push for reparations in California takes significant step forward

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — After a two-year comprehensive study by the California Reparations Task Force, the push for reparations for some Black Californians has taken a monumental step forward. While the final report of California’s first-in-the-nation Reparations Task Force – exceeding 1,000 pages – only contained recommendations, Senator Steven Bradford of Southern California is pushing for tangible change.

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State Senator Steven Bradford, one of the nine task force members, announced on Tuesday the introduction of an amendment to SB 490 aiming to establish a “Freedmen Affairs Agency.” The agency is a crucial element of the Reparations Task Force’s suggestions. If approved, the agency would manage a range of services, including a genealogy office to support potential reparations claimants in proving eligibility, a Freedmen Savings and Trust Bank, business grants, employment training, and housing assistance, and much more. However, certain aspects of the agency could require further legislative endorsement, especially the processing of claims for direct compensation.

The senator, due to term out in two years, expressed his determination to see reparations become a reality in a statement. “Reparations are not a gift – they are what was promised, owed, and overdue,” said Senator Bradford. He emphasized the nation’s long history of wage theft through slavery and appealed to his colleagues for support.

The amendment to SB 490 won’t be heard until California’s next legislative cycle in 2024.

Senator Bradford joined ABC7 News anchor race and culture reporter Julian Glover on our 5:30 p.,. streaming newscast to discuss. Watch the full segment in the video player above.

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  1. Jersey Girl says

    Comprehensive my BUT!!!!! There were NO slaves in CA – less you wanna count the indigenous Americans that were basically enslaved by the Spanish priests at the Missions.

    HOW are you gonna make sure someone has a slave in their background? HOW are you gonna decide when the individual today has both a slave and the owner as ancestors? WHY should I, who can’t find a slaveholder in my background (and I’ve been researching for over 40 years) pay reparations for something that may not have taken place and NONE of my ancestors were involved???

    What about the Irish and the Italians when they were forced into ghettos and low-paying jobs when they immigrated? What about the abusive husbands that have kept their wives basically slaves? SO – where do ya draw the line?????

    Comprehensive??? YEAH – I call BULL!!!!! AND – WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONIES!!!!

  2. Reparations are completely stupid and a waste of everyone’s time and money long run. They would bankrupt CA. Then where would we all be?

    Let’s spend our time working on the real important things in life like building families, culture, teaching values. We’re headed off a cliff and California in the tank if this doesn’t stop. Most reparations money would end up in the hands of a few elites. Come on folks, get some common sense.

  3. Democrats have been doling out unearned tax money to the black communities for decades. It insures that they remain dependent and takes away any work ethic that could make them competitive in a meritocracy.
    When will the leaders of the black community start preaching that victimhood is a cultural dead end?
    If reparations get approved it will simply make a few undeserving people rich and continue the pay for votes scam that the far left democrats are so good at.

  4. I am not a descendant of slave owners. I owe no reparations to anyone.

    As a wiser mind than mine pointed out, the trouble with demanding a slave owner to pay reparations to a former slave is, both of them are dead.

    Taking money out of the pockets of a population that never owned slaves will not repair historical wrongs and will only engender government-created racism. Don’t think that is a desirable outcome.

  5. Seems like this guy has a conflict of interest and should so recuse himself at the very least. And CA was never a slave state. This has got to be nipped at the bud asap.

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