Renters vs. homeowners: Political divide as wide as California’s affordability gaps are more worried than homeowners about California’s housing woes.

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You do not have to be a pollster to figure this out. But the gap revealed in a new survey from the Public Policy Institute of California shows key differences.

For example, the survey of 1,702 California adults shows 13 percent of renters say real estate costs were their top California concern. Just 7 percent of homeowners felt the same way. One thing homeowners typically possess that renters don’t — the relative certainty of what the roof over your head will cost.

I know California renters tend to be younger, make less money and are more financially crunched than homeowners. And the survey says homeowners lean more conservatively than renters — 38 percent vs. 29 percent. But since this state is only slightly tilted toward homeowners, demographically speaking, these renter sentiments — especially on business-related issues — cannot be ignored.

Please note there was not total disagreement in the poll. Jobs and the economy were cited as the top issues to tackle in the state for renters and homeowners alike. …

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  1. askeptic says

    And yet, those renters keep voting for the pols whose political philosophy has ruined The Golden State.
    Stupid is as Stupid does.

  2. Just Sayin says

    There is no pill for stupid.

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