Sacramento tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients

Photo courtesy BenFrantzDale, flickr.

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Sacramento County officials have been tracking the license plates of welfare recipients in the hopes of catching potential fraud, according to a new report in the Sacramento Bee.

The license plate monitoring program, which the ACLU warned us about, snaps photos of license plates when the cars they are attached to make their way past telephone poles and police cars, letting officials track the location of vehicles. Welfare fraud investigators working with the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance (DHA) pay $5,000 a year for access to the license plate reader database to track those welfare recipients they suspect of fraud. This isn’t new, either: They’ve been doing it since 2016.

It’s not immediately clear what welfare investigators are even hoping to do with the information they unearth by tracking license plates, but the Sacramento Bee reports the DHA accessed the data over a thousand times in two years. …

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  1. This is California we are talking about. I’m sure this is a Constitutional violation but again, this is California, the Constitution means nothing here. I’m sure they will use whatever data they want and purge the rest. I’ll bet it’s to ensure the recipients are voting in several districts!

  2. fear being tracked? don’t drive, and throw away your electronic instruments and no social media. also, don’t park your car in front of where you live so as not to be identified as blue or red. and don’t bitch about living in a populous state.

  3. Michael Daly says

    Can someone from this site contact me please?

  4. Does this program ID all the “Welfare Queens” driving Caddy’s and Benz’s?
    These clowns wouldn’t know “welfare fraud” if it climbed up their backsides and bit them.

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