San Diego Already Has Plans to Get Rid of Gas Stoves

The mention of a hypothetical nationwide ban on gas-powered stoves sparked swift backlash from Republicans and a wave of media coverage. Locally, San Diego has already committed to retiring gas-powered everything – stoves included.

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Congress feuded over a mere suggestion last week that gas-powered stovetops could be banned in the United States, but the city of San Diego has already committed itself to gutting almost all buildings of gas-powered everything — stoves included. 

The dispute in the capital erupted after a new study linked  the methane-powered devices to 13 percent of childhood asthma cases nationwide. The Biden Administration isn’t actually proposing a ban, as Politico reported, but the mention of a hypothetical one by a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission sparked swift backlash from Republicans and a wave of media coverage over whether it was time to retire the natural gas-powered stovetops of America. 

San Diego, by way of Mayor Todd Gloria’s update to the city’s Climate Action Plan, passed in 2022, is already committed to retiring them. That plan’s goal is to eliminate almost all natural gas use from buildings in the city by 2035. It includes not only buildings that have yet to be built, but calls for retrofitting apartments, restaurants and skyscrapers to run solely on electricity. 

Such retrofits are costly, and the city’s plan sets a dramatic target: phase-out gas from 45 percent of existing buildings by 2030 and then 90 percent by 2035. Once achieved, that’s equivalent to cutting 1.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses generated in the city per year. San Diego’s director of sustainability and mobility said in November 2021 the city plans to make this huge electrification jump by approving new building codes.

This so-called decarbonizing of buildings is a key component of the city’s wider goal of cutting nearly half of all its emissions by 2035.

Cutting fossil fuels out of homes means replacing gas stoves with electric-powered induction stovetops and swapping out gas-powered water heaters for electric heat pumps to do both heating and cooling. But the city has yet to pass specific policies directing private homes and businesses on how to achieve such retrofits. First, San Diego is looking at how it will retrofit public buildings under a Municipal Energy Strategy.

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  1. So Gloria in his infinite stupidity is ignoring the hybrid gas product the gas industry has developed and is available today?

    Listen up…..idiot it is carbon neutral.

    Also has anyone noticed except for one or two months California in the past 2 years has been below average in temperature? Since this rain condition has created approximately 5 degrees lower.

    Yep must be climate change.

    Have to find it amusing with the Mexican Border so close, and their cost of natural gas and gasoline is so much less expensive what do you think will be the out domes of their expanding population?

    San Diego really is stupid when electing these guys.

  2. Yes
    San Diego
    Do you also realize that Darrel Issa is in Davos?
    Now why is he there?
    Better get to the bottom of that when he returns.

  3. Rico Lagattuta says

    To eliminate the problem, Sacramento needs to pass legislation to eliminate all residential kitchens and only allow licensed restaurants to make and cook food items. This saves gas and saves the use of electricity.

  4. Why is this communist, Gloria, not being recalled, along with the members of the city council? When the electric stoves don’t work, and there is no heat in winter months, due to a fire, an earthquake, high winds, no wind, low sunlight due to massive storms, excess storm events knocking out power, mudslides taking out power, or any of the other possibilities, you will have this sorry bunch of marxists/socialists and communists to thank.

    Get rid of them now, and then work to make sure gas is plentiful and available for the future.

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