San Diego council votes to require gun owners to lock away firearms at home

The San Diego City Council voted 6-2 on Monday in the first of two votes to approve a new gun storage ordinance aimed at preventing accidental shootings and other firearm-related injuries and deaths.

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City Attorney Mara Elliott introduced the Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance last month. It would require all firearms in a residence be stored in a locked container, or disabled by a trigger lock, unless they are being carried by or are under control of the owner.

Monday’s vote was the first of two required for the ordinance to become law, and came after about 90 minutes of public comment, with about two-thirds of those who spoke urging the council to pass the ordinance. Those who opposed the proposed regulations told the council the ordinance infringes on their Second Amendment rights. …

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  1. Of coarse , everyone knows about the rampant shootings by little children that aren’t gang members . This epidemic is so bad that the Government , once again , must protect us from ourselves from this overwhelming tragedy of far less than a percent of 1 % of the population . We clearly , as American citizens living in the Communist Regime of Californiastan , do not have the intelligence that our masters and overlords have so we MUST BOW DOWN TO THE WILL OF GOVERNMENT OR GO TO JAIL.
    All Power to the Politically correct Nazi’s of Californiastan Government.
    We are so dumb that we need government to tell us what the truth is and if it is contrary to reality we must make that realization illegal and punish free thinkers and freedom itself should be reserved for only the self appointed ” Elite ” .
    From the sword of—-

    • Boris Badenov says

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure there is at least one STATE law to this effect. The real need for this is to keep their supporters safe from being aerated while visiting your home for asset reallocation.

  2. Another silly law like the magzine size limit that can not be enforced unless you plan on going house to house searching to find out if you have a firearm and if it is in a locked safe. The only use this law has is if they go after you for something else and find you do not have your firearms in a safe they can then add it to the list of charges or threaten you with the charge

  3. Reg Labbe says

    Absolutely stupid ordinance, more children are killed or injured by their relatives not looking where their children are than get killed by guns. What I rate is the left picks on the obvious (guns do not kill), I have my in a safe place where I can get to it in a hurry. What if someone broke into my house in the night, I would have to turn on lights to get the trigger guard off in order to protect myself. I take it if you do not have any children this stupid ordinance is not applicable.

  4. Ed Cuevas says

    Another pointless “feel good” ordinance that will never survive a legal
    challenge and they know it. When the ordinance is struck down the lefty
    council will claim those on the right want to “kill children!” Local political
    theater. By the way, these are probably the same people that promote abortion.

  5. California politicians suck with stupidity

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