San Diego County supervisors vote to support Trump lawsuit against California sanctuary laws

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 Tuesday to support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California over so-called sanctuary laws that the state passed last year to limit its role in immigration enforcement.

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The county will file an amicus brief at the first available opportunity, likely if and when the case moves to a higher court on appeal, said Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, chairwoman of the board.

The board voted in closed session after 45 minutes of public comment in which most speakers in the packed chambers urged the supervisors to vote against supporting the lawsuit.

Margaret Baker, who lives near the border, told the board that backing the lawsuit will discourage immigrants from reporting crime.

“We see this lawsuit as an attack on our safety and the well-being of our community,” she said. …

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  1. I have heard enough of everything whitey wants to do will discourage the illegals from reporting crime. Why doesn’t the legislature pass a law making it illegal for an illegal alien to report a crime to the police. Then maybe,just maybe, I won’t have to keep listening to this crap.

  2. Good to see another county has come to its senses. Sanctuary states/cities should not be allowed, we have laws in place for a reason and don’t need one idiot like Brown dictating his bs for the already over-taxed, criminally infiltrated and over-neglected Californians.

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