San Jose city manager, police chief highest paid in salary survey of 200 cities

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

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San Jose’s police chief and city manager each raked in nearly a half million dollars in salary and benefits in 2016, topping their counterparts at more than 200 other California cities, new compensation data released Monday show.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia cost taxpayers $497,000 in pay and benefits, according to records released Monday by a Las Vegas nonprofit, Transparent California. City Manager Norberto Duenas was right behind Garcia at $492,000 in pay and benefits.

The distinction for San Jose was notable, especially after battles over paychecks and pensions led to an exodus of rank-and-file officers in recent years in America’s 10th-largest city.

Garcia said he was “somewhat surprised” that his compensation was tops among California’s police chiefs for whom complete pay and benefit information is available. …

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